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“Hello…..Who is this?”

“Is it Sakshi speaking?”


“I love you…you are so beautiful…..can we be friends?”

Sakshi hung her cell-phone; it was yet another call just like the others she gets. Sakshi a young girl of 21, gorgeous as she was; her one look was enough to make any guy fall down on his knees. Yet she had no one, who she felt truly loved her.

It was one fine day sat beside her in the classroom. Something was different about him she felt. For the first time she came back home and thought about him, wondering what made him different than the others?

The next day he introduced himself, his name was Karan. They became friends. After a few months Karan proposed her, she was so happy, she answered with a yes.

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Their relation became stronger. Sometimes he would bring flowers for her, sometimes unexpected surprises. He would do everything to keep her happy. Be by her side to support and care. He would show everybody how much he loved her. What about Sakshi? She could not believe it, her life was a beautiful dream for her. She loved Karan a lot. She loved being pampered. He would listen to everything she said, he would make her understand his point and at times understand her point as well.

Gradually that relationship took another step ahead and tuned into marriage. Sakshi’s happiness knew no bounds, she was on cloud nine. She was glad to get a life partner like Karan.

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Something changed that day, something that Sakshi was to realize, way in the future. From that day on she was no longer Karan’s girlfriend, she was his wife…!!! You would perhaps think what difference would it make? Well Life is never that simple…

One fine day, one month after the marriage, she called Karan at his office and asked Karan if they can go for a movie tomorrow evening. Instead of an expected yes, Karan said he is busy and canot talk right now. Half disappointed she ended the call. Karan did call after a few hours, but to explain why he cannot go with her and why it would be better for her to go out with her friends.

Sakshi did not say anything after that. That day she thought a lot about it. She wanted the good old days back, a time when Karan would never deny her anything. It was the day that comes in the life of many girls, who feel a wife is not as loved or pampered as a girlfriend. That day makes her think if she did make the right choice, was he the one?

The question here is what is the difference between a girlfriend and a wife?

Do people really change after getting married?

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What really changes? Is the relation or the people?

Well it’s the circumstances….!!!

Love is young and everything appears to be so wonderful when we are in love, but marriage is different. We are not burdened with family responsibilities. It is only when we step into the real world we realize that how marriages are different from relationships. Life becomes busier as we grow up, we now have to work harder each day. And in this rush we often forget the ones we love

There is less pampering and amidst this rush love is forgotten. We do not get to spend time with them as often as we did before. Sometimes we take our life partners to be for granted, knowing they will always be there.

We then begin to feel did we make the right choice? We being to doubt ourselves and then become depressed.

What we feel is love need not be expressed, it must be understood. While on the other hand it is the time when love needs to be expressed and put into words, the most. Talking to your partner about what you feel is very important. So go ahead be honest with him, pour your heart out. Words can at times save a relationship.

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Though it is said that “If someone does not understand your silence, they will not understand you words” but life is not that ideal all the time. We do need to say those magical words to bring the spice back into the relationship. To keep it going we have to strive harder.

There are many girls like Sakshi who feel they are not cared for once they are married. However, every relation is different, but still girls you must not feel that you are not that important. What you must realize is that now as a wife, you are more important to him. And even if as a boyfriend he was the one to begin a conversation or the one to get flowers for you, it’s no harm in taking one step from your side. This will not only help you but would also restore your faith in the relationship.

You could then lead a better life when you feel confident about your choices, sometimes all that is required are a few words…!!!

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