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Friends are the most important part of everyone’s life. It is said that “we don’t choose our relatives but we can choose our friends” friends are the reflection of us. They represent who we are and trust me all of us have the best time when we are around them. Friends make us forget all our worries and all the drama our life shows us and sometimes, when we are really in big trouble they help us to overcome that.

Every girl has their own self-picked girlfriend/s, they share almost everything since morning till night. It is often said girls become more  jealous when they see other girl happy or when the other girl’s boyfriend is doing something great for them, may be its true in some cases but when it comes to their girlfriend they are the one who is most happy in the world. Girlfriends always know what kind of friend they have, what she likes and which kind of boy she might like to out with and what kind of dress she would like to wear on her first date etc. It is said that “two girls can never be best friends” but this quote must be written by a “MAN” only because in reality they are the best of best friends. A girl  has a very tender and kind heart which is broken by many in this world and another friend can only handle and gather those broken pieces and set them back on their places because some or the other day she might have gone through the same phase and she understands that situation better. A girl gets her first girl friend in the form of her mother. Mothers always shows her girl to find the way out of the problem because she knows that she can do that because way back she was also trapped in the same problem and she found her way so her daughter too can do that. Mothers of today’s generation are educated and modern so they can now be friendlier because they are aware of everything going around them. They very well know where to lose the rein and when to hold the reign very strongly. So, mothers are also the girlfriends with whom we can share everything and can learn from their experience too. Next we have our own very beautiful girl “friends” whom we choose because they are like us and they just have all the answers of our questions and are always trouble shooter. In this era of dating, where dating is more prominent there comes our savior who always help us to pick the right guy from around the corner and just encourage us to go out with him and have fun and most important statement “live your life!” . I guess its inbuilt talent of each and every female out there that they know which guy is good for their friend and which isn’t and the shock come to us when they proudly prove themselves right. They just don’t hook up with anyone they are always with us with a torch when the things don’t work out or when some problem occurs in a relationship. A relationship is always the sea-saw ups and downs are the complimentary gifts which comes along the package of relationship. Misunderstandings, clashes of egos, family drama are the major reasons of fights and sometimes they lead to break ups. Girlfriends are always there for rescue; they always have solutions for everything. Whenever there is a boyfriend problem which is on the verge of break up they often analyze the whole problem with their innovative vision and always give the best and optimal solution. If they think that the guy is worth for their friend they will go on the edge to make both of them together.


If their girl had a major breakup then they are the one who is responsible for her smile. Girls are hurt easily and with the little effort they can be back to normal as they have tendency of forgiving things easily. If the girl is in terrible situation or went through the bad breakup, girlfriends know she can be healed by shopping (shopping is proved to be the best remedy) they will go for new hairstyle, if things don’t work out they even go on holidays despite the fact they might have work to do but when their friend is in trouble they will cross each and every line.

The best example of girlfriends which is ever portrayed on screen is the four New York girls in search of love in the hit HBO series “SEX and THE CITY”. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbs these four divas portrayed best friendship on screen dealing with the common problems faced during dating. The best part among them was they never ditched their girlfriends; boys came and went but these four stuck together till the end supporting each other, helping each other and giving life time experience to all the viewers. In real sense girlfriends are that only who stuck together to each other in every ups and downs. So, my dear Friends boys come and go, season come and go but girlfriends always come but never go! You can enjoy the best time of life with your girlfriends, so before you ditch your girlfriend for someone else (especially for a boy) so think twice before ditching them because they were the only one with whom you had fun when your boyfriend wasn’t with you!

sex and the city

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