A girl’s love

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girl's love
Through the confused state that all the humans have been going through, it is a rarity when our perceptions and the reality tally.
In the 21st century love has more to do with infatuation and addiction. The house of “Head over heels” has been sold, and like-ness and love are being used as synonyms today.

Nevertheless, when we feel something is right, it is right for us no matter what, isn’t it? I mean, if I feel and think I am in love with smoking, to hell with the world, which feels that the onus of judging “true love” is upon her; I am in love with smoking. Love is purely individual; it is intimate, and like our names, it solely belongs to us. Others can make it a subject of their laughter/discussion, and comments, but then they can never swim in the same ocean as ours.

I have this lovely friend of mine. She’s like my sister in the present time, and obviously, in my opinion she’s beautiful. It wasn’t long before when even she was in love, or thought she was. During her ninth grade she was approached by this guy, who went on to be awarded with the prestigious title of being her boyfriend. We are stupid when we are young ,they say; but if you loved to eat chocolate at the age of 10, the chances are you love to eat chocolate even now; the addiction and craving don’t really change, they just adapt.

So, yeah, in her ninth grade she got ‘committed’ to this guy. To many it was nothing but two kids hanging out more closely than the other bunch, but, who knows what they felt for each other? There might have been love between them, no one knows, but there was definitely a secret Velcro that both of them possessed, which kept them sticking to each other.

Years passed by and the relationship continued on its voyage, not capsizing against the great waves of time. The audience expected the movie to be over long before, but the couple defied the expectations and moved on.

However, ultimately, like how all the good things, and even the storms culminate, their relationship ended. The voyage of togetherness had become a history while my sister was trying to write her own future in college.

She was sad for the immediate days that followed the ‘break up’. Well, that’s too clichéd and obvious, right? To me it seemed like the couple had developed friction between them, but the truth was that my sister had stood up in the Parliament and had herself proposed the motion of ending it all.

“Why? Why would she end it herself and then feel sad?” reverberated in my mind from one corner to another. If you don’t like something, you run away from it, or throw it away; and after it’s gone you are supposed to be happy, not wear the gown of the sad.
My sister here had made me question my basic thesis on The Obvious. I had reached a state when I started to doubt a cube of ice kept outside turning into liquid water. I was scared to arrive at conclusion; to believe in the obvious. Well, that’s just exaggeration, but you do know what I mean, right?
So, I mustered all the courage from every nook and corner of my body; phoned her, and asked as to why did she break up. She gave me a detailed explanation, a telephonic essay to be precise. The irony. However, the reasons were straightforward, loud and clear. Her boyfriend, who had crowned himself with a throne of the Ex had used her for emotional support and notes. Notes here refer to the “important” stuff that kids in India right in their notebooks; they are nothing but a simplified and smaller version of the textbook. So, yeah, that was about it. He had used her. However, still my sister wore the mask advertising sadness. Why? Well, I made her answer it; and the reason on which she made me ride didn’t confuse me, but, on the contrary, it wiped my glass and I started to see things clearly.

She said,” When a girl actually commits herself into a relationship, she is not only looking for a long term one, but she has plans of marrying too.” The word “actually” there is what makes us differentiate between the horses and donkeys. Anyway, what crap, right? Well, that’s what I had thought. However, as she was older than me, and not too happy in the present time, I used all my theatrical skills of voice modulation and emulated the man who seconded all of what she had spoken.

After an hour, when I had nothing to do and my brain was all by itself, I thought about what she had spoken; and gradually, every word started making sense. Maybe, girls who actually commit into a relationship do sink in too much, and many a times, the guy, acting like a jerk, turns it all into an imaginary dream that they drop down straight and hit the ground.

Feeling all proud, and being able to share my sister’s feeling, I walk up to her graduation venue with my nose held high in self praise.
The graduation was amazing. Well, let’s say that graduations are special for the people who pass out, and my sister might end up reading this. So, yeah, amazing food, music, etc. Broadcasting a total contrast to all the Bollywood movies that end with a happy ending, graduation days end in tears. My sister was in tears too as we reached the final lap of the whole event. She would miss the college, her friends, teachers, the fun, and everything. That was understood. However, the ending of college signified the official ending of her relationship. This bit saddened her too; and I was inside a maze o maze all over again.
Apparently, even the bad things that happen to be a part of your life are missed.

Apparently, the guy who had used you but was thought of as a husband would be missed. The person, however bad, was a part of your life; your body has an excellent mechanism of adapting, and you tend to love him too; and, when any part of your life comes to an end, you have no other option but to feel sad. Well, humans are too complicated, they don’t say in waste.

I asked my sister as to why she couldn’t love someone who was a better human being. She told me that love just happens. It’s uncontrollable. Like quick sand, it draws you in without your consent. Maybe love should be sued.

Seeing my bewildered and confused face, she came to the conclusion that I won’t understand. Maybe it’s true. Maybe, I was never meant to understand and reach the bottom. Maybe that’s where we draw the line between the guy’s love and a girl’s.

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