Girls Safety In Schools

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The sun shown up through the hills in the east, it was a pleasant morning, Akshaya’s mom was preparing breakfast for her children. She went into the kid’s room and woke up her two children, and asked them to take bath. After getting ready, they came to the dining room to have their breakfast. They heard a sound at that time and it was their school van, she packed her lunch fast and put on her shoes and ran towards the van. She sat next to her brother, keeping her bag in her lap. She showed a ‘bye-bye’ to her mom and left the place. Raj, the driver of the van was a good man; he used to get them ice creams and chocolates and was very much friendly with all the children in the van. She was the best student of class 7. Once, Raj had given a treat for everyone in the van when akshaya got 1st rank in her quarterly exam. By 3 30 in the evening, the school was over and the children got into the van. Akshaya and her brother were the last one to get down. On that day, a new driver came with the van. Children without any problem were sitting and playing in the van. They started from the school and then, each child was getting down in their respective places. The time was 5 30, but akshaya and her brother had not reached home.

Her mother was waiting in the bus stop to pick her children. Time passed, it was already six o‘clock. She was in distress and rang up her husband and told about the issue. But on the other hand, the driver had dropped the child in the previous stop and had told akshaya about ice cream and took her away to some other place. Raj was waiting somewhere around J J Nagar, which was around 5 km away from akshaya’s house. Raj got into the van, brought them ice cream and then while the children were having their ice cream, the new driver was steering the van away from their house and was getting somewhere else. These two have planned for something else.

They reached mettur by 6 30, and the children were told that, their parents were here and they rang up the driver and asked him to drop the children here. Raj and his friend took the children to a remote area, where no man was present. Raj slowly started misbehaving; he pulled akshaya back and brought out the animal in him. Akshaya ran for safety but in vain, she was blocked by the other guy. When her brother, tried to run, the other driver hit him so hard that he became unconscious. Both caught her and the first one into the brutal rape was Raj and then the second guy. It was 7 30 in the evening, and Akshaya’s mother had filed a complaint in the police station.

Akshaya was hurt so badly, but not dead. The two animals killed the children mercilessly. They then put them back in the van and they left to river bank which was close from the place they were in. Those children were thrown into the river by those animals, and then they fled the place. Akshaya’s parents were so much worried and they along with the cops were in the search of the two children. Those children were washed away and taken to the mettur dam. The next day, akshaya’s parents were called to the dam to identify the children’s bodies, which was identified as positive. When the two guys threw the body into the river, an old woman had seen that, but she thought it was something else and did not take it seriously. The next day when this news came out, the old woman informed the police that a van was here for some time and two children were also with them, and then after sometime the sounds demised and then those two people threw something into the river and fled the place. The police had investigated to know that, on the day, those children went missing; some other man had come as driver to pick the children from the school.

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The van driver was taken into the custody along with the other guy. The two men lied to the cops that the children’s parents had taken them back home, then after checking it with the other children, it was confirmed that the children were taken by the driver. After some sort of investigation, he had to tell all the incidents that had happened. He was kept in the police custody for some months. The two men were encountered after four months by the police department for their doing and killing of the children. The child’s parents had to wait for four long months to get the two men punished. Children’s safety is getting down day by day, when they go to school and when they are in schools. The government has to take certain steps by enforcing laws which will make the people decide against the crime, as these two men did. They are just children and she was just 12 years old and she doesn’t even know about what was being done to her by those men. Those men are not just human being; they are an animal who is not able to see those children as his own children. If it was his child, will he do like that? The decision taken by the police department is the right one, because these creatures do not deserve to live among us. Such types of decisions are required to be implemented against the people who are getting into this crime.

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