A Glimpse of the Harry Potter fandom

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After having been rejected by many publishers and still not losing hope, a single mother went ahead to submit her script to Bloomsbury where she hit her life’s jackpot; her script was accepted, published and millions of readers all over the globe took an instant liking to her story, thus prompting her to write more novels on the series that brought about even more success with making her a millionaire, a celebrity, a most widely-known person, and a global personality and all the while remaining at heart, that humble writer as what she started out.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series spanning seven primary books, and few other plot filling books that have currently grossed out high figures, broken many records. The books have been made into eight live action movies that were just about more popular than the novels, and paving paths to further spread the series by way of merchandise ranging from erasers and pencils in the stationery category, to clothes and simply whatnot.

There exists a university that offers a thorough degree program for the studies on anything and everything that is Harry Potter. To add to life-sized entertainment, there is a reportedly rather large amusement park that is entirely dedicated to bringing to real life, everything which has been depicted in the Harry Potter novels. There is news that a complete section of the Universal Studios Japan at Osaka is to be built as a Harry Potter theme park later this year.

So much can be said about the glory and fame Rowling’s series have spanned, but what exactly is so riveting about this series’ story that compels so many to simply fall in love with the plot, and for such establishments in the world to take birth based on the novels? What really draws people who are ardent lovers of Harry Potter, who have built the Potterhead fandom and keeps them sticking to it long after the series of both the novels and movies have come to an end?

The plot goes like this: Harry Potter becomes the most famed wizard of his time, after being orphaned by a dark wizard called Voldemort, earning himself a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, living in the non-magical world with his family of sorts that treats him worse than their doormat. Among other things, he finds himself enrolled at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age of eleven and only then does he actually get to know how popular he is in the wizarding world. Befriending wonderful people, and equally gaining beady enemies, he goes on to have many adventures during the length of his school days, all centered around fighting the evil forces that try to knock him off his path, wanting him dead, with everything pointing toward Voldemort who wants Harry dead to fulfill a prophecy which would enable him to become the darkest wizard of all time, who would be the most powerful of all.

Though written summaries of novels are surely intriguing—for they are written to entrap the reader into reading the book—there is much more to it. This brief summary tells a little, but not the lot for it is to only give out the basic layout for the charm to set in, to write what the basic plot contains.

To tell the truth, Miss Rowling never had the least idea of her novels becoming so popular and to gain such a huge populace of fans, or so has she said in a TV interview some time ago.  Not just that! Rowling has also told the media that she hadn’t plans to publish her story, whose plot and characters had formed in her mind while traveling in a train in London’s King’s Cross Station which plays a vital role in the Harry Potter stories.

When Rowling who prefers penning down her thoughts the tradition way, voiced out that she had not enough paper to continue writing the final installment of the series, there arose a whole new movement in the world where people rushed forward to show their bit of love for the author and her series by sending her paper. Not ordinary paper that she wanted, but embossed fancy papers with the fans’ names and messages on them. There was even a major paper dealer who had sent so much of such embossed paper. Rowling was stupefied for the huge response her little whining had garnered, and had said she was very grateful. But of course, she didn’t end up using  any of those papers.

Every other fandom in the world is identified with a unique name, and the Harry Potter fans in this way are called the Potterheads. There is more to it though; Rowling has set up a website exclusively for the Potterheads to interact with one another, take part in a wide variety of activities all related to Harry Potter ONLY.

The legend of The Boy Who Lived—as how Harry is termed in the series—goes on living long after the series has come to an end, and will continue further for all that is worth it.

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