Go Creative this Summer, and Green Too!!

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Thinking of what to do this summer! All bored and want to have some fun? Then I have a great idea for you people. Go green this summer! Go creative! Go bonkers! It’s indeed hot out there, so why not make the surrounding little green, creative and glittery and feel the pleasant presence of joy in small things given to us in this world! It would be a great help to the nature and to you too! So it’s time to re -use re-duce and re-cycle.
These are some few great ideas I have collected to use the products available at home, to make the best out of waste. So enjoy!

1. De-clutter: if you are a coffee lover and by any chance you are cleaning up the house and find cups, mugs jugs, that are not used much, it’ could be great to use them, fill soil in them and grow small plants like ‘methi seeds’, ‘coriander’ and other small grasses, try hanging them outside the window, it would look great, if those small plant pots are hung outside your office, it would give a great look to your work-space and an amazing sense of a touch of green peace.

2. Bird feeder: its summer guys and if you want to attract birds to your houses it’s the best time of the year, glass bowls or plastic containers can be decorated, fill it with water and place them in your balcony or veranda, or set bird feeders outside the house you could get them in your departmental stores around or you could buy them online or why not make one for yourself! Use plastic bottles or cereal cardboard boxes to make the feeders.

3. Bugs at home? These were some easy tricks and tips which were thought to me in my home science classes! Warm weather brings bugs. While a few ants, fleas or silverfish can be a nuisance, an invasion may tempt you to reach for the bug spray. Don’t do it! This heavy-handed approach can unleash toxic compounds that put your family’s health at risk. Home remedies are available to repel those dirty little insects the few of the most used home remedies are Clove, cedar, vinegar and hot, soapy water can repel ants, flies and moths.

4. Pringle lovers: for all those Pringles chip lovers, have many pringle boxes at home and planning to dispose them?, don’t ! Use that creative spark in you, decorate them, and it can be re-used! Fill it in with cookies tie a bow around it, and it can be a great gift to those you are going to visit this summer!
5. Soaps: bored of using chemical filled soaps which give rashes to your skin? This is a great natural scrub that could be used instead of soaps. To make your own bath scrub, measure out your salt and pour into a large container or pot. Measure the almond oil (or olive oil, etc) and slowly pour into the salt while stirring. Finally, add the essential oil to the desired strength. Consider trying green tea with tangerine, or lavender with sage. Remember though, if you are giving these as gifts, try to stick to scents that others might enjoy. Citrus and minty scents are liked by most people, for example, and most fruits are a good bet too. You could fill them in jars use trendy stickers to stick on them and this would indeed make a great gift too!

6. Re-cycle: call that “raddiwala”( of yours and give it off to them, that’s some easy way to earn a little cash and also a great way to clean up your house, or why not learn some paper Mache techniques from the internet and use all those newspapers and magazines to make beautiful things out of it. You could also use those newspapers to make newspaper bags and by decorating them they could be used as bags to give ur small presents and gifts to family and friends!

7. Ropes: another great idea for recycling, cans, mugs, bottles etc! Use jute ropes and wrap them around your containers it will give it a brownish look and can be re-used to store things in the kitchen, workplace or even your washrooms.

8.crafty clothing: make yourself or your siblings these cool duds of purses pillows or bags from your old clothes and jeans, they are great gift articles and the best part its easy, fun and cheap to make all you have to do is get some inspiration from the internet and you’ll be good to go. You could also use those old pair of jeans to cover an album or a notebook.

9. Milk cartons: this is a great and useful tip to use all those milk cartons which you want to get rid of. Make holes into the cap of the carton and they can be used as cans to water the plants in your garden or water those pots and plants in your house.

10.re-use:start collecting all those cereal boxes, to make creative gift boxes or gift cards or use those cute pictures on the boxes for your scrapbook, it’s time to get all trendy and thrifty!

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