God! We can be so stupid!

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Boys. First, they fall in love with you. Next, they try to change you. Then, they are not happy with the change. They say, “You are no longer the girl I fell for”. And finally, they leave you. And what do we girls do? We, like dumbstruck idiots, accept and believe in the fact that the failed relationship was completely due to our faults and mistakes. We sob and we apologize. And for what? Nothing. Or maybe for doing exactly how we were told to do. I pity them. And sometimes I pity myself. No wait. Not really pity. I feel disappointment at myself for having been there and done that.

The guy fell in love with me and said that I was different from other girls. He liked the tomboy aspects of mine. A few months later, “you are not like other girls” turned from a compliment into a complain. Suddenly, my not-so-girly attitude and outlook started to get on his nerves. He said, “Change. Be a bit girl like”. I was like okay, let’s have it. After a few efforts, I became a bit girl like. Next what I hear is, “You were never this girly. Stop being such a drama”. A few fights led to “you are not the same anymore” and boom! “I need a breakup.” Ah, well.

We girls are so stupid, are we not? We are always ready to do anything for the ones we love. We would willingly change entirely for someone else, not thinking about the consequences. We could do anything and everything, against our happiness and our wish, just for the sake of making others happy. We want to be appreciated, but we do not need it. We need nothing. Wanting and needing are completely different aspects. And what we want? Well, we want to live. Just live.

You will find girls who are bitchy. Girls you would say that they are “cheap”. Well, let me tell you something. No one is born bitchy. No one is born cheap and needy. If you find some girls whom you would put into that category then remember one thing. That girl is tired of guys staring at her breasts in the place of her eyes. She is tired of guys pinching her back side instead of holding on to her hand. That girl is tired of being punished for doing what she was asked to do, and that is exactly the reason why she claims her right to punish the rest. As a matter of fact, all girls are tired being what others want them to be. There are some girls who sit back and let karma do its job. And the rest, get the job done themselves.

There is a reason why girls are not happy with their own selves. They are always competing. Fat girls want to slim. Slim girls want to increase their mass. Tall girls want to be short. Short girls want to be tall. Family oriented girls aspire to be professionals. Professionals live in the guilt of neglecting their families. All of this drama and not a single person is there to tell them that it’s okay.

When you are with a person, you accept them for what they truly are. Their flaws are not flaws. They are just a part of them which makes them incomplete without them. That is what makes them perfect. You do not leave your family because of your of their flaws, do you? So just because now you can choose who would be a part of your life, you think you could do anything? You will just keep aside the fact that they love you and will always be there with you, just for the sake of certain desires you have? I do not see any profit. I just see you being at a loss. Maybe you will not understand all of this now. But you will surely do once she is gone. And she will be gone; if she is not appreciated as much she deserves to be. Remember, she wants you. But she does not need you.

And now to the ladies, for how long are you going to run away from yourself? If you are happy and satisfied the way you are, who cares what others say about you? Who cares if others do not like you? You like yourself and that is what really matters! The person whom you are changing for might not be there with you in the future. But you will always be there with yourself till your last breath. If you really want to know whom you love the most then listen to this. We often dream about the person or thing we love and always keep thinking about, is it not? How about this; in our dreams, the only person to stay constant, to be a part of majority of your dreams is you yourself. If you understand what I’m saying then what else could possibly matter? Build a little guts and tell the world – “This is how I am. Take me, or leave me.”


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