Gossip- every woman’s stress buster

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Now I will definitely not claim this gossip thing from the whole of the woman’s clan but I can surely say that I am covering a large part of them. Women are really beautiful creatures, full of emotions and full of life, each different in her own way but there is one thing they might come to agree on which is ” GOSSIP” . All women love to talk a lot , share their stuff , share their feelings and relieve themselves of whatever is there inside them. They just can’t keep things to themselves. For women gossip is like a stress buster, a therapy. It really helps them vent out there emotions, their views about anything and everything and they somehow feel good about speaking out whatever is there inside them. We all know that women are really talkative people, they can easily talk for hours without getting tired at all.

gossip- every woman's stress buster

I mean how can they not talk about that girl in their school/college who looks fat in her new dress or about that cute guy who approached them, how they had a fight with their parent’s over them not studying or how their boyfriend’s have grown so annoying over time and are failing to give them enough time. A lot more to discuss maybe. These may seem to be everyday minor issues to a guy but it is these little issues that actually matter to her. And to release herself of this stress gossip is the best way out.

But isn’t it actually good to talk about all that you feel , sharing your deepest thoughts with the most trusted person in your lives and feeling a bit at peace and at ease.Now it is very difficult for men to understand as to why women need to share everything about their lives with their girlfriend’s. In fact they actually find it really annoying and irritating.Women on the other hand have really simple reasons of sharing their feelings with their trusted friends. Of course releasing their tensions and stress is one of the major reasons of their gossiping but sometimes especially when they are sharing something happy , they want to show the other person how lucky or happy their lives are.There is a sense of pride in them. For example- girls /women love sharing information about their guys/ men. That how romantic they are or how specially they made them feel on the last date making the other wanting to be in her position. You know sometimes women love making other women jealous of their lives , making the other think if she could be her.

Even if a woman is discussing anything annoying about her man she will tell all to her girlfriend but try to protect her man too at the same time because she is in love with him madly. Men need to understand that women are really passionate and equally sensitive people, they just can’t be casual the way guys are and hence these small issues panic them and matter to them a lot. All women have that one best friend they have to share everything with from shoes, to guys, to marriage, to sex , to nail paints and what not. If you are dating a girl just remember that her best friend knows everything about you , more than you could ever know about her. And mind you, you cannot say anything bad about your best friend because her best friend is like the final judge to any of your girl’s problem even if that problem includes you.

Men also often wonder as to why their girls can’t gossip with them after all its just sharing of their views , their insecurities and all. There is just one reason to that and a major one that “you” will not understand. There are certain girl codes and expected replies to their questions which only their best friends know and you will obviously fail to answer and make her feel comfortable about her situation. You might not sound convincing enough to her because gossips are not just about sharing but about 2 hours long discussions about whatever the matter is. For example- If she asks you how she looked at the party a mere pretty might not be satisfying and it is only her best friend who will point out and appreciate every little thing from her hair, to nail paint, to her dress and sandals. Men don’t even notice such things. So sorry men you just cannot be her gossip partner. In fact you might just find it boring and want to run away from those long detailed talks.

Women differ from men here, they just can’t keep things to themselves for long so shopping , crying and gossiping are like a rescue for them. She needs to share her happiness, sorrows , insecurities with her girl friend because being a girl she can understand her point of view. Gossip is not just a stress buster but it makes every woman happy no matter how big or small the problem is. Everything seems a lot better once it is shared with someone close and trusted in fact. Men may find it weird but “gossip” is for sure a woman’s stress buster and a simple yet effective way to make herself feel better.

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