Happy Couples and their Secret!

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Needless to say, the basic foundation of relationships is trust, faith and honesty. Intimacy can be achieved only by being true to your partner and above all, by inculcating understanding in the relationship. One needs to understand that the ideal relationship is not just finding the ‘one’. It is about striving to keep the relationship strong and steady. Here is what it takes to build a deep, long-term relationship:
1. Making Ample Time for Your Partner: the recipe for disaster in a relationship is neglect. Time spent together is the best way to bond better, as it is crucial to have a conversation, make plans, and indulge in a meaningful discussion. Staying in touch is a means to liven the relationship. The hectic schedules make communication difficult. Creating quality time to spend with one’s spouse helps the relationship to grow and mature even more beautifully. Being there for your partner is a must. This support is what counts in the long run.
2. Say Those Three Words Often
It is always nice to be told that someone loves you. Be thoughtful and remind your partner of the love that you feel. Gestures of love, a pat in the back, a peck in the cheek, a warm hug after a toilsome day at work can work wonders. It helps to achieve the feelings of support and care and concern. Little deeds of love can go a long way in enhancing the intimate elements in a relationship. Expressing love and respect is the key to a healthy bond.
3. Work Together:
The best partners are committed to being friends in every step of life. They grow and mature together into the human beings that they emerge into. Love is not just about meeting the person; it is a journey with the person by your side. The strength of the connection determines how healthy the relationship is. A whole-hearted effort should be made so as to stand by your partner, not just in the good times but in times of crisis too.
4. Actions and Words are complementary.
Yes, actions and doings speak much more than words but an active balance of both is a must for a beautiful relationship. Do as you feel, as in, treating a person with love and concern and not just relying on words is a sure way to make your partner feel special. Sincere words are an essential foundation for good relationships.
5. Respect.
Accepting the imperfections and flaws of our better half is an important step to a mature relationship. At times people succumb to pressing needs and emotions and mishaps happen. It is important to remember that when you love someone you accept their flaws and qualities. Meltdowns are a part of life, and standing beside them in times of grave need is a great way to build a meaningful bond.
6. More Than Physical Attraction.
The deep, innate, often invisible qualities yield to love. Mere physical attraction is infatuation and must not be confused with love. The chief difference in the two is differences in strength. Love is all encompassing whereas being drawn to each other on account of looks is temporary, lacking the intensity of love.
8. Love instead of War.
This is probably the key lesson we all must learn. The method of overcoming pain is not by resorting to retaliation and vengeance but by conversation and resolving of the issues by means of forgiveness. Disappointments and grudges should be forgotten and forgiven. Loving someone is not easy, but by denouncing ego partners should set about in settling conflicts, difference of opinions and arguments with love and not harsh words.
9. Being Confidantes.
Everyone has dark thoughts, confusions, disappointments, sadness and feelings of pain. For the relationship to strengthen into a bond of belief and trust, one must let their partner into the hidden side. Opening up to them, sharing opinions and advice, is a great way to connect. Being best friends and sharing troubled thoughts ensures a life without insecurities for the partner. One should not let their better-half feel lonely and helpless.
10. Part of the Same Journey.
With someone you want to share your life with, it is important to share yourself. Couples should be there beside each other in trying, critical times and also help their partner to overcome hurdles. Growing along with the person is a way of growing old together. As a team, happy couples nurture each other and bring out the best in both in such a way that in the long run, they not only become an integral part of each other’s lives but they take on the journey with each other, together.
The good, the bad, the ugly, make a good relationship. One has to stay strong in times of dire circumstances. The best couples stand by each other through obstacles. Togetherness and solace should be balanced in a relationship. Being true to one’s partner is what makes a great couple. Taking major decisions by conversing with the other, keeping in mind little things that bring joy to one’s partner; a word of encouragement and a word of love fetch amazing results.
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