Happy Mother’s Day! Is one day enough?

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There are 365 days in a year, and sometimes, there are 366; and we choose only one day to thank our mums? Really?
Mother’s day’s concept came into being as a reminder for us to thank the special more- than- a- person of a being, who has spent all her life trying to look after our well being.
Ambition is surely a ladder that all the humans try to climb; and while climbing, who looks down? Why would you look down, when sky is the limit? The people who have given up on their ladders will be standing down, waving at you; waiting for you to reach glorious heights, but still, why would you possibly look down in an age where ‘time is money’? Well, the concept of Mothers’ Day did make us realise as to why we should look down. Only for a day in the whole year, yes, but, isn’t half a loaf better than none?

If a strong foundation is laid, we build a castle, or even a mediocre building upon it, but, we’ve turned the whole Mothers’ day concept into a more or less of an ‘Internet fad’! Tweets and Facebook status updates expressing the love for their mothers make the news. Pictures with their birth-givers are flaunted accompanied with captions that would order your tears to roll down your cheeks.  More than expressing their ‘love’, it’s more of point that one makes. It’s about chasing the same cat, staying in the social circle; it’s about not being the odd one out.

mother's day

Like how on the 16thof December we remember Nirbhaya, in the same way, we ‘remember’ our mothers. Or, let’s just say that how we realise in December that a brave girl named Nirbhaya existed, in the same way we realise that our mothers exist, and maybe, for the briefest moments we actually might think about the sacrifices our mothers have made, but then again, we have other important stuff to do, like keeping a close eye on the ‘likes’ on our pictures.
This is sad, and there is an even sadder part, which is that some people don’t remember their mothers, they don’t want to, but then they have to. I mean, they don’t actually remember their mothers, or give their thinking parts a picture of their mother, but just to keep their ‘social image’ on a roll, they type out, or most of the times copy, the most of beautiful stuffs, and end it with “I love you, mom!” Their minds would be thinking about their crush, that pretty, innocent girl, coming online everyday at six, but their status says they love their mums. Irony of the modern -digitised world?

It’s movie thing, saying “I love you, mum” everyday in person for many. When you don’t hesitate to tarnish the image of the three magic words by throwing it around to every random guy or girl that you feel infatuated about, why not say it to your mum as well, ‘cause, in the end you’ll end up meaning it. Everyone does love their mum, that’s something that doesn’t need a mathematical proof!

So, this girl updated a status on the ‘upload a status, or a picture with your mum’ day; a beautifully composed art of poetry that in a way pierces through you like the dagger of realisation and love, and  tries its best to tear-y you down, in a sweet way obviously. I had a doubt. Why would she upload a status expressing her love for her mum when she wasn’t even there on Facebook? Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had this thought ‘cause one of her friends asked her as to why wouldn’t she go tell her mum how much she loves her, and give her a hug rather than wasting space on Facebook. The reply was,” Everyone is asking what I am going to do for my mother so I put this up.”
And this female is perceived as ‘pretty’ by the lot, and her friend being a guy didn’t really want to spoil his ‘chances’ with her, and thus he showed his content with this answer.

Love is, and always has been an intimate matter. If you love someone, you tell them, you don’t really tell the whole world about it. It’s not a trophy that you’ve earned that you can boast about.

In today’s world we are all running behind the “upgrades”. So, why couldn’t we upgrade the Mothers’ day, and take it to a whole new level? Why is it that we feel fulfil our satisfactions’ stomach by making only one day special for our mums when they have made our whole life special? I know many of us don’t even make this one day count for our mothers, but here, I’m talking about the minority.

Sine our birth, and counting the approximate nine months before that, our mums have gone through a lot, just for us. Too see a smile on our faces, they’ve sacrificed theirs.
Some even refer to them as the Extra- ordinary beings, and some refer to them as Goddesses. However, knowing all this, all we do is just give them one day in a year? We all know our Math, and we all know the value of 1 in 365; it’s negligible.
n a selfish world where survival of the fittest is the name of the game, or mums have, and always will stand right behind us, and do whatever they can to see a glimpse of happiness, even if takes away all of theirs.
Rather than counting on some clichéd day, let’s turn it each into a Mother’s Day. They deserve it. You know it.

If you think they already know how much you love them, think again. After all they are made of flesh and bones too, and they need to be reminded with words and actions. Let’s show them how they personify awesome-ness, lets, for a change, bring a smile on their faces!

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