How to be Happy!

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pursuit-of-happyness-2006I was overwhelmed after watching the renowned movie “In the Pursuit of Happiness” which captures a man, striving for a better future, and in hope of seeking happiness. He is bruised when his wife leaves him as he does not earn enough and hence he is left with the duty of bringing up his son besides being on the lookout for a well-paid job. We see the father and son struggling in their journey to attain a better life. They stay in rented rooms with poor lighting; the father skips his meals so as to give his son the food that a growing body requires. We see them carrying their meagre belongings as they desperately seek for shelter. What made tears well in my eyes was a particular part of the movie where the father and his son have to seek refuge in a public toilet at having no means to afford a hotel. The story is a lesson to all f us who want to achieve their goals. He manages to get a job owing to his honesty and hard-work and tells his son wise words which have taught me many a lessons. The secret is to believe in your dreams. Never should we pay attention to those who slight us and tell us that we are incapable. Life is what we make of it.
Battered personality, heartbroken-ness, and failure in taking the major decisions wisely, helplessness faced at the hands of poverty, lack of self-esteem and confidence, saps energy out of us. These lead to unhappy lives and unhappy people. Life comes with its share of joys and sorrows and is a balanced mix of the two. Getting over the times that bring us down is a must for us to live a content life. Penning it down in words, pouring out all the pain on paper is a way to relieve the pain that most of us are subjected to. Taking charge of life and by a small change in the outlook, one can be happy and a better human being.
Causes of being unhappy: Despite pleasant times being spent with near and dear ones, unhappiness has many reasons. Needless to say, people are often unhappy owing to the lack of friends, peer pressure. The death of a family member can result in bouts of sadness. Being disappointed and sad with the way life shapes is not unheard of. Personal loss, lack of fulfilment of goals, poverty, and the social pressure often leads to anger and hatred in the minds and hearts of many. Failure is one of the major reasons for unhappiness. Coupled with failure is sickness, lack of a social life, parental pressure, and unsuccessful marital and other relationships. Intrusions of privacy, loss of a prized belonging, losing a job are other reasons for being unhappy too. Violation of basic rights to existence can be a reason for disappointment too.
How to be happy?
Each one is in the quest for happiness. From big to small, we all want to be happy. People wish to live meaningful lives. The choice to be happy is a great way to start. The idea is born before the result can be reached. Being happy is a choice. Being content with life brings us is a way of keeping feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, frustrations and grief at bay. One should not rely on material possessions for being happy. The real values lie in living a life of hard-work and one that holds meaning and brings satisfaction and peace. Chasing material possessions, jewellery, monetary riches, brands and large pent-houses should not be the sole motive of life.
Here is how to simplify it: the key is in being grateful. Give thanks for your life. Treasuring what we already have is a way to realise that we are indeed blessed and should not crib and complain. Most people sleep on pavements and go without the adequate meals a day. The way to be happy is to give thanks. Apologising where one is at fault is a sure recipe for a clean heart and a light mind. This leads to sound sleep, as that of an infant. Curling up with a good book, cooking a good meal at home and inviting friends and family over for a get-together, helping out in NGO’s, donating money to charities, no matter how small the sum of the contribution, writing poems, going out on a brisk walk in the evening, enjoying sunrise are a great way to reconnect with the inner-self and achieve bliss. Watching good movies, reading good books and being helpful is a way to be a happier person. Being happy should be practised whole-heartedly. The key is to stop running after success and instead being worthwhile and deserving. The shallow, hollow, superficial should be differentiated from the essential and morally uplifting. The essence of life is being happy from within. Taking life with a pinch of salt, overcoming obstacles and rising above the personal losses ensures a well-balanced mentality. Remembering that life has ups and downs and both should be lived to the fullest is the key to having a happy temperament.
Gleaming with a smile is much better than being grumpy. So smile and be happy!

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