Harry Potter: a different angle

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Harry Potter the bestselling books in the history of world. Written by J K Rowling to entertain young kids has become a cult now. People are crazy about the books, the character, the movies everything. And everyone loves the protagonist Harry Potter, the guy with the lightening scar on his head. The only one who survived the killing curse. The hero of the story, the guys loved by everyone. As much as we all love Harry and rejoice his victory, we never really thought about how important a role women played in his journey and eventually success. There were women at every stage of his life without whom he could not have been what he was. From his mother to his friends to everyone, women were an important part of the series.







Harry own mother Lilly had such a pivotal role in the story. Even in the face of death, she refused to save herself and kept fighting to protect her son. She was killed because she refused to let you know who harm Harry in any way. And she protected Harry even in her death. While dying she cast herself as a shield between Harry and Voldemort. Her sacrifice was not in vain, as this sacrifice led to the invocation of a charm. This charm of hers protected Harry for sixteen years during which Voldemort could not even touch him let alone kill him. This was the strength of her love.








Hermione is a very important character in the book. She is a part of the trio in the series. Though a muggle, she is the brightest student in her year and always the top of her class. She is also Harry’s best friend, and is the brains in the trio.  She loves harry and always supports him even when Ron (Harry’s other best friend) does not. She helps Harry at every step in every book. Without her Harry would have died in the first book itself. Had it not been for her, they would have been killed by devil’s snare and neither would have Harry been able to overcome the obstacle placed by Snape. She not only helped them with studies but she also saved Harry life a lot of times throughout the series. All of this apart she was an amazing friend to Harry. She was a very important character in the novel, without whom the series would have been incomplete.









Molly Weasley, Ron’s mother, she was like a mother to Harry and treated him as her own son and bestowed affection and unconditional love on not only him but all of Ron’s friends and the members of the order. She is shown as a very loving and caring character. Though soft, she doesn’t stay behind when the time comes and takes charge and fights back. During the battle of Hogwarts, she single handedly killed Belatirx Lestrange, one of the most ardent followers of Voldemort.

Professor McGonagall was yet another important part of the novel. She was the Head of the house Gryffindor. As a teacher she was very strict and disciplined and expected her kids to be the same. Unlike some of the other teachers she did not believe in partiality and was very just and fair. She later went on to become the headmaster of the school. She is the one who takes charge during the battle and ensures the safety of the kids of the school.







Ginny Weasley was a very bold and confident girl. She was the youngest child and only daughter in the Weasley house. She has also always supported Harry whenever she could. During the absence of the trio, she took upon herself to fight again Snape and his regime of death eaters in Hogwarts. She was the one who carried forward Dumbledor’s Army. She was the leader in almost all the incidents that took place against the death eaters in the school. Later on she ends up marring Harry, making him a part of the Weasley family once and for all.

Draco’s mother, though unwillingly also helps Harry. Her love for her son overpowers every other emotion and she is ready to risk everything just to be united with her son Draco again. So she lies to Voldemort that Harry is dead, knowing that that is the only way she will get to meet her son again. Though unknowingly and unwillingly she saves Harry again. Harry is again saved by a mother’s love yet again.

Not just these but many more like Tonks the auror, who died fighting, Mrs Figgs who kept an eye on harry all his life, Dolores Umbridge another supporter of the Voldemort’s ideas and Belatrix Lestrage one of the most ardent followers of Voldemort and many more have been shown to be an important part of the story, without whom the story would have been incomplete. J K Rowling being a self asserting and confident woman all her life reflects this in her characters also. Women have played a very important role in the shaping up of the story of the great Harry Potter, the boy who lived.


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