Harry and Me

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harry potter

The book was waiting for me as I entered the room. My mother, a voracious reader herself, had yet again proved her love for books by gifting me with one, on my birthday. I grew up with no siblings but books as my friends. In a world where I could create new friends and new world with new events, I was happy. I took to reading at a very tender age and as I took the book in the hand and read the title I was gleaming with joy. The letters in gold read, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. The book had a grasp on me that is inexplicable. I loved it from start to finish and was more than happy that there were more down the line. It was my favourite book by far. Earlier I had read a lot of Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven and Famous Five series, Dr. Seuss and The hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Harry Potter books struck me as the best.
I owe my happy, joyous and blessed childhood to J.K.Rowling who made it possible for me to grow up with Harry, Hermione and Ron. She cast a spell on me and I began to read more and more each day. This put a smile on my mother’s face. She is of the firm belief that a child growing up with books is a child brought up well. Her immense faith on books and novels has been instilled in me too. I have indulged in reading as a child and as an adult too, books continue to shape my life and mould my attitudes. What seemingly seem merely pages is in disguise a blessing. Books teach, mould characters, and enhance learning, besides making us better individuals.
Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived, Hermione Granger the geek, Ronald the best friend of Harry’s continue to astonish me as the three fashioned much of my temperament and taught me valuable lessons of life. Courage, friendship, trust, humility and above all, love are intricately woven into the pages of the books. The series unfolds the tale of the young wizard Harry Potter who studies magic in the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and struggles to avenge the death of his parents who had been Aurors who fought against the Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort has killed Harry’s parents using the Killing curse of ‘Avada Kedabra’. The story is a treatise on how he grows up and on account of tremendous courage and the strength of friendship, goes on to defeat his arch enemy Voldemort.
Inarguably, Harry stands for good and Lord Voldemort epitomises evil. The books that have been well adapted into movies can be viewed as a war between the forces of good and that of the bad, resulting in the defeat of the evil. Goodness overpowers the bad. The dark, the gritty, the cruel, brutal the unforgiving is what Voldemort stands for. His snake Nagini is an element of the evil. Harry on the other hand upholds the spirit of love. The book spun magic into my Muggle world, as I was a mere, magic-less person. Harry Potter has blessed me with a great childhood, killed ennui, helped me spent many a cosy afternoon and almost every Sunday evening in joy, reading to my mother. Indeed it was a great book to read.
What never fails to take me by awe is the immense effort it took Rowling to create an altogether different dimension if not an universe. Right from owls being the form of post, to quills being the mode of pens, to butterbeer replacing beer, to Hippogriffs, Animagus, Time-Turners, Sorting hats that talk, Great Hall that has no ceiling but opens up to the sky, Death eaters, Dementors, and wands. The details were so authentic, I waited for my Hogwarts letter the year I turned 11. After having read the series I spent hours thinking about how the duels happened, how the spells were cast, how Hermione was always so intelligent, whether Quidditch really could happen, what if Harry didn’t have the scar, and I realised, everything fit into place, just as the seven fat volumes fit perfectly into my miniature book shelf. With the knowledge of Albus Dumbledore, love of Serious Black, protection of Lupin, scolding of Professor McGonagall, Hermione and Ronald for friends, the love showered by Ron’s family the tale won hearts all across the globe. Much acclaimed for her work, Rowling has won hearts of many children all over the planet and the books continue to amaze more and more kids each day. I remember having been so moved by the death of Professor Dulmeldore that I spent entire evening sobbing tears of sadness till my mother soothed me down. The Horcruxes have a direction giving impact to the plot, till Harry sets on a journey to destroy the 7 horcruxex and ultimately destroy Lord Voldemort, to the immense satisfaction of the fandom.
Harry Potter has spread love, joy, and magic in the hearts of many. I owe my childhood to those books with astounding power to captivate and spell-bind. Besides, I knew Snape was good all along =)

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