I hate Cinderella. Oh, wait. I have reasons

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You know what? Sometimes I feel that we girls are stupid. Very, very stupid. We grew up reading fairytales and no matter what we said, we believed that our life is a fairytale as well. As a matter of fact, we still believe in it, until something happens and we get that wake-up call. The little innocent damsels in distress are not going to be saved by some handsome prince or a knight, coming towards you riding a good looking horse. That is just not going to happen. So it’s time to step out of your horizon and explore the other possibilities. Right here, right now.

We all know the story of Cinderella, do we not? Well, just a quick recap. A pretty young girl, dead father, step mother along with two very annoying step sisters. Step mother is after little Cinderella’s life, ill treats her like a servant. The king announces a ball, inviting all the pretty maidens of the kingdom. Cinderella remains trapped at home. And boom! Fairy godmother comes to her rescue. Rest of the story, just let it be. What if Cinderella was not saved by a fairy godmother that night? What if Cinderella did not wait to face a day and a situation like that? What would have happened if she would have taken a step for herself long back?

You know what was the only problem? She was scared. She accepted her fate as it was exerted upon her. She chose to be dominated upon. In other words, she chose to be defeated. She accepted defeat. Yes, it is simply a matter of choice. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you always have a choice. You just need to have a little faith, a little courage and a little self confidence!

What if Cinderella had a dominating and a powerful character? What if she was strict? What if she had a personality of not putting up with anyone’s ill treatment? What if she had the courage to say “NO”? And if not anything else, what if she had the confidence to run away? Things would have been a lot different. She could have started her life fresh. Find a minor job, if not anything else. At least she would have been independent. At least she would have had some respect in the eyes of people surrounding her. If not respect then at least she would have the confidence to fight back, is it not?

Rapulzel, Snow white and all the rest of them show that women are submissive. No, we are not! We do not need a savior. We just need ourselves. Everyone in this world must learn to fight their own battle. We do not live in the Rig Vedic society anymore. You know what was the rule during that time? A woman, before marriage, is dependent on her father, after marriage on her husband, and on his son at old age. Do we not have an identity of our own?

It is not sensible to compare ourselves with the opposite sex. If they are physically strong, then we are mentally strong. In the head, we are way ahead of them. Everything in this planet has its own positives and negatives. Well, I do not exactly want to say negative because that is how they are made, from the very beginning. If we want, we can fend for ourselves. We can live our own lives just the way we want it to be. But for that, we must leave all the orthodox and stereotype mentality aside. That is the first thing we need to do – filter our own brains.

Once we do that, automatically we will stop worrying what people think and say. See, there is this one thing. Wherever you head towards, you will, for certain, find certain jobless people near and around you. What you should remember is that, an empty mind is a devils workshop. Jobless people are average people. And average minds discuss people. Whereas good minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas. Now certainly, a “great” mind does not have any kind of gender barrier. It is not male or female. It is just a type of mind alone, which can be possessed by both male and females. So, why the restriction?

“We do not have a choice” – this is what I get to hear from a good number of females. Let me wake you up. You do have a choice! Your life, is supposed to be your property. You decide what to do with it. If anything goes wrong, you alone will be responsible for it, and no one else. You will have a clear idea of what leads to what and what you should do in any circumstances. If you cannot take the pressure, run away. Start a new life. Learn to be self sufficient. This is not escapism. Escapism is accepting the wrong happening to you. If you are afraid about what people will say, then let me tell you, people do not give a fig of what might happen in your life. So if a person does not care in the first place and places some kind of opinion in front of you, then that person has a lack in life. And if you keep that opinion under consideration, you, my friend, have a major lack in life.

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