He’s a Sports Freak, What do I do?

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As your resident sports dweeb, I’m heavily biased.

Nothing is more important to me than my Chelsea FC. I think about it every day, I’m hooked on my football club. And I dare say its caused problems.
Most girls who aren’t sports addicts won’t understand why or how a guy can be so hooked on sports. They think we’re over-dramatic and silly about it, but its simply no true. Now I won’t go into the merits of Didier Drogba’s header at the Allianz Arena in 2012 (I’ll never stop), but I will try to explain to you how to deal with a guy like me.

First of all, we’re highly sensitive about our teams. As a girl, some things you’ve just got to accept about your guy. Guys shrug their shoulders when you shop for hours – its a woman thing. So for guys, you’ve just got to take it on the breeze and accept it. We become so very pleased when a girl understands that we just love our sports.

If you can learn to support the team, even better (just beware of the slick cats who’ll start quizzing you on the starting XI)!

Wear his colour, sing his song and chant his favourite player’s name, and you immediately become a genius in his books. A girl who knows her sports is more amazing than a rocket scientist! In all seriousness, its a display of the respect you afford him for his choice of club, and to some extent of how much you like him. A girl who changes teams for you is – in the open – aglory-hunter, but deep down it melts your heart. Of course ladies, I’m not saying change your team for your boyfriend, that’s kind of sad. Oxymoron.
Sports freaks are also very organized.

In fact, they’re organized at nothing except being 15 minutes early to kick-off. That’s due to a 1,000 point drop on the New York Stock Exchange, or if Vladimir Putin launches his ICBMS. Then, we might miss the first half.
So be ready to alter your dates. Lunchtime on Saturdays has a special meaning for Premier League fans, and it doesn’t normally involve going to the mall to help you shop. It is the Special Dish of the Day in football. Try to book your dates on Fridays or before all the action. No point letting the dreaded “Me or Chelsea” dilemma appear because you’ll totally lose. And us guys totally get slapped for saying that.

For many sports fans, the addiction began when he still thought girls had “cooties” and ran on until his first fancy and then all the way through to the day he was a pre-teen and said he didn’t need girls. Now, he can’t live without them, but sports is the pal that never abandoned him. He can’t easily let it go, that’d be like treason!

Having confessed that, I’m sure you’ll go soft on your guy he’s watching his team fall to an excruciating defeat next.

Personally, I’m not a guy who cries much. I mean I do, but the realest tears have all been for my team. And as ladies, you might find that a silly thing. Most women do. But think about the times a guy wipes your tears. We are (most times… or sometimes) genuinely interested in your problems and want to help. So when a woman brushes off your tears about your team, its like she doesn’t care about your feelings. Although most guys brush it off, when we’ve just lost a big cup tie, we feel very vulnerable. When we win (which we usually we do), then we’re the happiest guys in the world and anything you say or do makes us yell with joy.

Its and odd thing, but girls have to manage sports freaks like coaches do their players – by mind and heart. Because although most sports freaks are men who’re very well capable of taking care of themselves, they sometimes have a sort of a juggle managing the girl and the team. This is obviously more common in situations where the two don’t live together like a husband and wife. This is a situation that happens a lot to guys who only ever have free time during the weekend.

But dating a sports fan is a good idea for any girl because the metaphors are interesting, the celebrations are manic and the timing is ripe – on weekends anyway. Its all just about a little interest in why and what your partner is virtually worshiping. You might learn some interesting things along the way too. Most girls think its a waste of time, but it is just one of the many ways that you can learn to grow as a relationship and create a new kind of rapport with your partner.

Not to sound like a “relationship expert” because I don’t even think that should be a profession, but it is important to meet your partner on different levels and establish some communication.

This is just one of the less conventional ways.


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