Highest Paid Woman CEO- Dr. Martine Rothblatt

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Okay, now here’s the fact which everyone may not be aware of. Beware! As, you may find it hard to digest. The fact is that the highest paid woman CEO was born a MAN! Yes, we are talking about Dr. Martin Rothblatt or Dr.  Martine A. Rothblatt. Dr. Rothblatt founded United Therapeutics in 1996 and has also been its Chairman and CEO since the very beginning. Martine Aliana Rothblatt Ph. D.D., MBA, J.D. is an author, entrepreneur and an American lawyer. She graduated from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with a law and an MBA degree (both of them combined). Martin Rothblatt married Bina Aspen in 1982 and in 1994 she went through sex reassignment surgery at the age of 40 and changed her name to Martine A. Rothblatt.

Martine Rothblatt

Dr. Rothblatt had a passion for outer space since childhood but than what happened in 1990 changed his life and his passion forever. In 1990, he discovered that his daughter had a very rare disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). What came in his mind was that he was completely useless in this matter as he was an expert in satellites and not in the field of medicine. And, then it was in 1996 that he founded United Therapeutics.

United Therapeutics

Initially the investors were doubtful as PAH was too uncommon illness with just 200,000 cases around the world. But the company has now created the drug successfully, known as Orenitram, for this rare disease and it had a market capitalization of $4.6 million at publication time on June 10, 2014.

But it still remains ‘lonely’ at the top in the list of top 20 executives. Only one in every 20 top executives is a woman in the US. Rothblatt stands first on the New York Times’ list of highest-paid woman CEO at $38 million, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo bags a second at $25 million. In the list of top 200 CEO s, only 11 were women, rest 189 were men. According to statistics, salary of an average female CEO is still $1.6 million than that of their male counterparts. Or we can say that only 6% of CEO’s are women at the top 200 companies. Sad, isn’t it? We continue to see the discrimination against women be it the pay they are getting or on what post they are.


We need an answer to this. Why is this always with women? Why is the percentage of women so low as compared to men? Why can’t women be capable of working at same post as men and earn the same salary?

Reasons can be observed below:

1.)   Women have more social and personal issues than men:-

Yep! Firstly, personal issues- children and family. Today is the era of working parents but still, if any of the child gets hurt or sick at the school, or any stressful atmosphere is going on back at home than the first person called for is women. This becomes a mental barrier and it blocks their ability and their expertise at their workplace. Socially, she is criticized if she is not able to make it up for their children. Every time she is expected by her family to be a good mom. Every mother wants to be with their children and even children need their mothers in order to learn to grow up! The fact that a proper nourishment of a good human being and good morals can only be taught by a mother!  These issues refrains them from growing up their career and becoming a good manager or a CEO. Men be like, wives will be there for their own kids even if she had worked full day long. That’s the fact men need to accept. And still, after that women attract this criticism that they do not have the “Ability” to do it!



2.)  Women are expected to be proficient at office:-

Okay, now here’s the deal. First of all, MEN can do whatever shit they want to do in their office, they can date any one, and they can throw inappropriate jokes on anyone and then apologize later on for that. But women are held at much higher standard. They just can’t DO such stuff. Men can do all this stuff easily and still not be judged by their senior or BOSS. This double standard of male-female behavior adds up to this problem. Women are supposed to be perfect in every file work. If any male performs a mistake while doing a task, than his mistakes are overruled. On the other hand if a woman performs a mistake than the whole staff will talk about it. We can also see women getting taunts while driving; “Oh! It’s a woman driving a car; surely there will be an accident today!” Women are always underestimated and then they are expected to be faultless.


3.)  Gender discrimination and evolution 3 workplace issues- Glass ceiling, gender pay gap and pink collar worker :-

Many reasons have been accounted for this gender discrimination and discrimination in pay and achievement at the workplace. Women still remain the last to be hired and the first to be fired.  Problem of gender pay gap still exists. Wage discrimination is when women are paid less for performing the same tasks as men. Glass ceiling involves the practice of preventing 2 groups; women and minorities, to advance in their workplace beyond a certain point. Whereas, pink collar worker is a worker, working in the service sector and is considered to be stereo-typically female.


As these reasons still persist, the notable different between men and women CEO’s or Directors continue to prevail.

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