Are you Hot Enough?

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She begged and cried, she did whatever she could to make the tears roll down. Yes, she was held a hostage; chocking on the superficial atmosphere around us.  Her only motive, at that moment, was to persuade her parents, by hook or crook, to get that expensive new brand’s top, which was showed-off with pride by all her friends.
She had been left out in the cold; she couldn’t bear it. More than the joy of wearing that top, she wanted to get back into the ‘circle’. Who cares if it involved money? Who cares if she really needed it? That top was her passport to get in, and she wouldn’t be anywhere remotely close to being happy unless she got what she wanted!

The materialistic world of today makes us strive for the latest trends in the fashion industry. More than actually looking better it’s the possession of the “best” perfumes, lipsticks, shorts, etc. that gives birth to thoughts in whose perceptions we look better. At times, we might actually look good, or even smell good, but most of the times it’s the mindset, which says being up-to-date with the trends is a necessity, which gives us the feeling of divinity.
With the Global Warming taking a steep rise, the focus on being “hot” is on an exponential rise too. Everyone is just craving to appear hot in others’ perspectives.  Girls, and even quite a lot of guys, have become patrons of expensive saloons where they get their hair coloured, straightened, and what not.  The celebs, leading the pack, are going under the knife to make artificial adjustments to their naturally gifted bodies.
We have really advanced as a race. From artificial rain, to artificial skin, to the artificial “hotness”, we’ve achieved everything. The path of ‘perfection’ is the one that is in the news.
So, inevitably, becoming a prey to the wave of fashion, I decided to one of the hair stylist, which was much expensive than the normal down to earth place I had always been going to. I was there, going through their menu, trying to make an image of all the hairstyles listed there; and then endeavouring to fix those upon my head, one by one, and rating each of them as they appeared. It was a difficult task especially with the money involved.
So, just I was there, stressing my brain, and throttling my imagining power to the maximum, I heard one of the stylists say to a woman,” Your hair has grown by two millimetres.“ To this her reply was,” Yes, I didn’t come to the saloon last week.”
So, in a world where there is poverty hovering above many, there’s unemployment, there are all sorts of Satanic activities happening to women, all that mattered then was the extra two millimetres of hair. This may not be as absurd as I am making it appear, but think about it.
People have become so conscious about the ‘Staying in style’ craze that the then taken for granted things have become major issues now. Who would care back in my childhood about negligible growth of hair? The only thing that compelled us to visit the barber was when our hair grew out of the ‘decency’ bubble.
Make up has reached a new level now. Moving from the luxury of the rich, and the celebs, it has struck everyone down making them realise its ‘worth.’
Whatever happened to being pretty now? Why are we hell bent on changing the naturally gifted assets? The wrath of the artificial wave has invaded the habitats of many animals replacing jungles with buildings, and now the invasion of the human body has begun!
Tattoos and piercings have become so common that sometimes my mum gets frightened looking at people, who have only a few inches of natural, untouched skin left to boast about.
Earlier the scene was such that girls used to buy the longest of skirts to cover up, but now, they wear the shortest of them to appear hot.

I had a friend, a cute pretty girl. She was my bench mate until my parents thought that boys’ school was the best option for me after my sixth grade. She was really cute back then, and my boy-ish infatuation had escorted her inside.
For obvious reasons I didn’t forget her; and a couple of years back, by god’s grace, our paths crossed. Everything about me was wearing cloaks made out of the fabric of maturity, but the picture of hers stored deep inside my brain was still the same. Cuteness is what radiated whenever I thought about her. However, when I met her, I didn’t recognize her. It was only when her father came up to me that I realised she was her. She had changed. Like a dramatic change. The girl who had ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ as the adjectives to describe her had given way to the new trends. Shining red stilettos and the tube dress had made her adorn the hot nature. Not to forget the piercing near her eyebrow, and the think black lines perimeter-ing her eyes making them appear big. My image was shattered. She was nowhere close to how she was. The sweetness of hers had faded away!
I am not saying that it was bad! No! Everyone is free to do what he or she wants, but changing yourself for the sake of sticking around certain people is weird. Maybe she was tired of all the whole cute attire, or maybe she wanted to impress someday. I wouldn’t know. The only thing I know was that my belief that had been with me since my childhood was shattered.
Every place has certain groups. There is the tech savy group, the sports group, other groups of different kinds, and the hot group; and the hot group always has people staring at them.
Is it wrong? Never! However, each one of us is a gift of nature. Let’s try to keep it at that.
Expensive trendy clothes, watches, and everything else puts us in the spotlight for a moment, and then we have to get our hands on the ‘latest’ stuff to get back into the game again.
‘Hotness’ is momentary, while prettiness is till eternity.
It’s not always about the physical looks that tend to soothe our eyes, but more importantly it’s about the inner self. The inner beauty, which is mostly ignored by many ‘cause it involves the tedious task of understanding, and looking into someone, is much more important. However, we are too lazy, aren’t we?
“Dust thou art to dust returnest.” It’s our deeds that go on to live forever, and if legends are to believed, help us attain Moksha.
So, more than being attractive on the outside, let’s be beautiful on the inside that the world is a happier place to live in. With that the whole stress incurred because of the burden of choosing the latest clothes from infinite varieties would be challenged. There would a smile on someone else’s face because of you, and as a consequence you’d feel the pedestal feeling of satisfaction.
I’d end by saying “Every woman is beautiful. She just needs the right man to tell her that!”






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