Human Trafficking and Sex Ratio: Haryana is the Answer.

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“Hey, how are you doing brother?”

“I wish I could say spiffing, cherishing like my peers, I wish I could say I am absolutely hale and hearty, but actually I am not”

“What happened?”

“I am not a literate, and it’s pretty tough out there finding a bribe for a daily wage laborer like me, I hardly earn 5000 rupee a month?”

“What does it have to do with marriage, can you please elaborate?”

“I am exhausted; it’s been long since I am trying to find a girl for myself, I did my level best but couldn’t succeed, I am getting older and afraid of being single throughout the life”

“God, why would you remain single forever?  Somewhere out there, at least one girl would be there whom you could marry, god has created equal number of male and females, isn’t it?”

“Yes he did, but there aren’t equal numbers anymore”.

girl child

Wretched, he left the place, I was shocked of what he was talking about, is it really true, a guy can’t really find a girl to marry? I decided to step back to my place and look for more information regarding this issue. Somewhere down the line my kernel wasn’t accepting this, I wanted to know more, to touch the grass-root of this plight. I start reading and the outcomes were horrendous! I was literally blown away by the tragic predicament of few states especially.

Data from February’s national census, published on March 31st, show India’s already skewed infant sex ratio is getting worse. Nature provides that slightly more boys are born than girls: the normal sex ratio for children aged 0-6 is about 952 girls per 1,000 boys. Since 1981, the ratio has steadily fallen below that point: there were 945 girls per 1,000 boys in the 1991 census, 927 in 2001 and now 914. Fast growth, urbanization and surging literacy seem not to have affected the trend.

When it came to skewed sex ratio in this country, Haryana always topped the chart and it’s still continuing its legacy of being the worst sex ratio affected state in the country. Haryana is paying for its skewed sex ratio, quite literally. There is an acute meagerness of marriageable girls in the state and the men of marriageable age are scouting for bribes outside the state. In Haryana, the skewed sex ratio – 861 females to 1000 male births – has led to non-availability of marriageable girls in several villages. This has resulted in the nefarious practice of trafficking of brides from far-off states like Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand.
Unofficial estimates point to at least 50,000 trafficked brides already in Haryana, the actual numbers could be higher though.

The reason is quite simple, traditional hate for a girl child and preference of a male has kept the sex ratio poor, the outcomes were ignored at first, but the phenomenon has now began to show its social implications.

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Think of it, a district with 774 girls per 1000 boys, the 226 unlucky ones either have to stay unmarried for like ever or bring in a girl form some other district, or state. Jhajjar district in Haryana has the country’s worst sex ratio in the 0-6 age group. Some afford inter-state marriages, rest usually can’t, and this is where human trafficking lay its inception. Men, over driven by sexual desires, are daring enough to do anything to fulfill their proclivity. Two of its villages-Behrana and Dhimana, have astonishingly low sex ratios of 378 and 444 respectively! This drastic ratio itself depicts the true picture of female abhorrence. Haryana has over four lakh fewer girls than boys- 4,07,370 to be precise. In other words, there are four lakh unmarried whippersnappers desperately looking for their better half. The gap was 3.31 lakh in the last census. In totality, the state has some 1.35 crore men, compared to 1.18 crore women. A whooping difference of 17.57 lakh! In 2001, the figure was 15.83 lakh.

Many eastern and south Indian states like west Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and even Kerala are especially targeted to traffic women for marriage and sexual purposes, these women usually belong to the lower strata of the society with altogether different food and living habits and most of them have a tough time getting used to their new home.

“I never thought I’ll come so far, and I never liked coming so far from my home, but I was destined to be here” Said kiran, who was brought from Kerala 2 years back. Her husband promised to give 15000 rupee and a Buffalo to the parents, if they marry their daughter with him, the poor parents accepted.

The industry favorite state is among the richest in the country, but the rising economy has very little to do with the conservative mindset of the society towards the girl child, Social scientist have warned that the situation could worsened and the constant drop in the sex ratio can give rise to chaos in the society. Prosperity doesn’t come with money always, only a society with social, mental as well as financial well-being are considered to be prosperous. Before things slip out of hands, they better understand.



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