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Examinations – these have always been my second greatest fear (greatest fear being my father!). There were one of those times when I panicked at the very thought of it. By panic I mean loss of appetite, loss of sleep and whenever I managed to get some sleep, I would have nightmares. I always had this fear of letting my parents and teachers down; keeping aside the horrific peer pressure I experienced. It was then when I had this friend, Suryanil, who just came to me one day and asked, “Brother, what do you want to prove?” At that moment, I just sat still, unable to answer. But then I replied, “I just need to do well in my examinations. I have to.” He smiled at me and said something that I still remember clearly. “You do not NEED to or HAVE to do something for yourself. Only do things for yourself when you WANT to. I would suggest you, prove yourself a stronger person.”

Well, now I made it to the college of my choice, even though media science was not something my parents supported. Yes, I am a strong person now, way much stronger than I thought.

I have always wanted to grow up faster. Seeing my seniors at school pass out and become college freshmen attracted me. I was in love with the idea of going to college. But then, there was this one thing; I had a fear for change. After all, I had spent fourteen years of my life with the same people and inside the same walls! What if I don’t find any like-minded people? What if I don’t make any friends? What if college doesn’t turn out to be the way I expected it to be? While I was going through such emotional conflicts, there came to my rescue a friend named Arpan! He seemed pretty relaxed and he said, “Wherever you go, you’ll always have to adapt and fit in. The analogy of ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ won’t work anymore. And there is always an experience joy mixing with different kinds of people. They are going to be unpredictable and full of surprises. Learn to enjoy the mysteries when they are unfolded.”

And now I just smile thinking of him, while I am surrounded with this huge group of new friends, all having a different personality altogether, having to say a new and different story each day.

Once I was at this mall roaming with Raya. She happens to be one of my close friends and also a person who loves to shop! The mall had a huge series of steps right at its entrance, where we would often sit and chat at free times, and today was nothing different. After quite sometime of endless laughter we saw a woman, pretty much healthy and flabby, trip down quite a few stairs. I somehow found the scene funny and said, “Why do these women eat so much when they can’t handle all that weight?” But what Raya asked me after that left me speechless. “After today that women surely will look after her weight. But what are you going to do about your hideous heart?”, and she got up and ran towards the woman to help her get up.

I don’t know about then, but all I can say is, the hideous heart has got a complete makeover!

There is this one friend I had in school who was always appreciated for her works, be it academics or science. Starting from a simple essay to a science project, she always seemed to come out with flying colours. We both were good in academics and also our respective fields in which we were interested in. She was not really my competitor, but I wondered every time that how come she was always one step ahead of me, and I never seemed to figure it out. One day, with utter frustration, I go to her and say, “Listen, I don’t consider you as my competitor or something of that sort. In fact you are a very close friend and I would always want you to do well. But how, just how do you manage to make your works the best among the rest?”

“It’s simple, silly! I just think outside the box!”

And I finally learnt to create my own trend. Thanks to Sonia.

Taking a break from my studies, I thought of visiting a friend’s place in the neighborhood. Debottam studies medical. He had always been one of the first benchers in school coming up with brilliant scores in exams. Biology was his passion, but on top of that, his diagrams were like art! While sitting on his bed and chatting, I found some of his notebooks lying within my reach. I took one of them and started flipping through the pages. He had a very clean handwriting.

“Aren’t all doctors supposed to have illegible handwriting?”

“Isn’t it against a Brahmin’s religion to have beef?”

And there went my typical stereotype Indian mentality down the drain!

P.S- I love beef!

Tejesh wasn’t really one of us. He always had to face the hard way. His parents were not that economically solvent. We sometimes worried about his future, even though he was considerably good in studies. We used to talk about college options sometimes. He had aspirations and a few dreams of his own, which to some people appeared ridiculous to achieve because they seemed out of his league. It was more than a year we had met. He didn’t really keep in touch with anybody that much. The first sight of him after so long make my eyes pop wide! He seemed changed; the way he walked, talked, everything! And guess what, he had actually got through the college of his own choice with full scholarship!

“Whatever you desire, want it so bad that the universe becomes bound to give you what you wish for.” Yes, I remember his words clearly.


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