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There was a time when growing up of a little girl child to a grown up lady was a glory for the family as well as the girl it was celebrated like an upcoming occasion, because as she begin to grow mature her mother used to teach her good manners, respect for elders. She was taught to cook good food and different kinds of housekeeping works just to make the girl perfectly ready for her marriage

.Every girl wishes to wear the Bridal dress someday.

Since last few years such things have started to become blur. Preparing to become a Good wife and Daughter in law are poles apart from today’s society. Nowadays as a girl just attains her teenage years her parents start to worry about her safety and Why not? These horrifying headlines in the newspaper everyday about molest, rape, murder, acid attacks and what not. We live in a country where girls are worshipped as ‘Goddess Lakshimi’ and ‘Goddess Saraswati’ and the same girl is harassed by someone, one or the other way. The latest estimates in India shows that in every 22minutes a new rape case is reported and these reports are inflating day by day.That’s the major reason why nowadays Girls are taught not to wear short clothes, not to hang around with guy friends, not to upload her pictures on social networking sites, not to stay out after its dark, etc.

I will wear Cloths of My choice!

These things are really necessary for a girl to know, but perpetually haunting her with such things don’t make her safe rather they make her a coward, the girl always remain frightened and learning such fear in a tender age becomes inevitable in later ages and finally it becomes a permanent scar in her life.

Is this what we really want from our girls? NO, we want girls to stay safe but not stay coward, we want girls to become self reliant not stay dependent on someone for their needs.

Don't judge us on our size, shape or colour!

Globalization has made many changes. Changes could be seen in our dressing sense, standard of living and also eating habits, etc. Yet if could not change the mentality of our society which still believes birth of a male child as an occasion and at the same time birth of a female child brings gloominess to the family. It’s true that rape is a brutal miss happening which carves a permanent scar not only on women’s body but also her mind, but wait!  Who doesn’t want to get out of such trauma? Then why can’t they? It’s because of our society which continuously suppresses the rape victims and suspects them as criminals. Yes they have been raped unfortunately but that doesn’t mean they lose their right to live their life. Society plays a major role in bringing the girl back to her normal life so it should know the fact that No woman can deliberately allow any unknown man to touch her body. A famous saying  ‘charity begins at home’ so  next time when you teach your daughter about her safety you should also teach your sons to respect women, don’t create a lacuna between the girls and boys , rather teach them to support one another . Teach your sons to earn a woman’s heart but respecting her. Only mutual understanding and mutual respect can create a healthy environment.

Gender Equality


A great quotation by Stephen Covey “Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.

-Stephen Covey


Self Awareness: conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, desires, and motives which is possible only if the girls are aware their legal, political and social rights.

Conscience: having a moral sense of judging right and wrong, true or false, dream or reality from oneself.

Independent: keeping you free from the control of others, in any means.

Creative imagination: Thinking yourself a hero rather than weakling.


We should teach our daughters, wives, friends, sisters and mothers to stay aware of the rights provided by our government for women safety and women empowerment , we should teach them not to worry or isolate them self rather they should be taught to speak out and give Zero tolerance to the heinous crimes against women happening these days.   It is undoubtedly well said that where there is knowledge there is no place for fear.


According to a leading news paper “The Hindustan Times” says that there are 10 major legal rights that every woman must know in case of a rape.

1. Free legal aid to be provided to the rape victim 2. Privacy while recording statement 3. Time doesn’t matter the statement has to be recorded even if a time period has elapsed. 4. The victim can Email to the rescue if she is not able to visit the police station. 5. Cops can’t say no they have to register the FIR. 6. No arrest of women after sunset. 7. You can’t be called to police station for interrogation. 8. Your identity has to be protected from the media. 9. The doctor can’t decide if the rape has occurred or not 10. It is mandatory for private and public firms to resolve the sexual harassment matters.


If we teach our girls about their rights, then next time whenever a boy whistles or misbehave with her she won’t stop her from reacting whether it’s private place or a public place. So next time if you are teaching your girl not to step out at night, also teach her not to tolerate the ones who dares to disrespect her.

Yes ! we can do it.

Raneeta Pal


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