Importance of Education

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When looked up, the word ‘educate’ gives you the meaning of teach, instruct, school, tutor, train, coach, inform, alert and edify and whatnot similarities. Though the noun form being ‘educate’ is being spread around and campaigned for, ‘education’ being its verb form is not seeing the same growth as the former. This will make better sense when said that this is a topic whose importance is failing to reach up to many people all over the world.

It is usually termed in the general lexis of English that education has something to do with attending academies and schools. Children must be educated right from an early age so as to inculcate virtuous qualities in them. They say that the secret to a healthy tree is to prune it whenever required at the proper places so as to avoid infestation so that it can prosper for many, many years. Education serves the same purpose in human life; when education is implemented in an orderly fashion in our lives, it tends to cut out unsolicited manners from our lifestyle replacing it with beneficial ones.

There are many accounts of uneducated people who are easily manipulated over the tiniest and most silly matters. True it is, when they say that natural grit has helped many people to worm out of such situations when made use of their natural instincts. But sadly, this is definitely not applicable to all circumstances. Education is a necessity that is not to be ignored, and people who believe that being uneducated is bliss will realize that thought is stupid once they are caught in a situation where without the light of education, they are as good as lost.

In these cases, education is very crucial; people get to differentiate between what wrong is going on around them, about which path to choose and which to rescind from. From the fruit vendor on the street who earns measly wages to that rich building contractor who has many gold rings on his stubby fingers, we find many who probably cannot spell their very names. If a way-off person knows this and tries to cheat them off of their profession, what skills would the uneducated have to ward off the wicked cheater; what could they possibly do to protect their source of income? It is not uncommon for people to be cheated over signing agreement papers for they do not understand what content is printed on the paper—they sign it away trusting the opposite party who in fact is plotting what all they can whisk away with just that piece of paper.

Not just countries in the Asian continent, but also in many other developing countries all over the world, it is considered a taboo for women to be educated and that condition is found effective till this date though many protests have been raised over it. With it being a fact that the female race of this epoch are almost equivalent to the males in every other field, most of them are still denied the window of opportunity when it comes to education and this is very wrong.

For an illustration: education of widows is pivotal; they should be encouraged to be educated for getting jobs. It is not too late for them to learn things and to come up in their life. There are instances where some people take advantage of their own family members to profitable means given their abundance of ignorance and of course, the lack of education.

The current younger generation does not seem to realize the true value of education; they don’t understand the reality of life and go about fantasizing all other unnecessary entities and evil contraptions and hence, fail to notice the importance of education whose height of value plays a very indispensable part in their lives. The real seriousness they think to be is partying or trying to look cool in front of other people. They will know what is truly to be worried about once they suffer the consequences. Thus there are also times where educated people, too, have misconceptions.

But all things considered, education doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has to have formal schooling; it is basically a sense of righteousness that has to be a part and parcel of people’s everyday lives. Among the young and old alike, there is no age limit for education. No matter which source we gain knowledge from, it is best that we make full use of it, not neglecting even the miniscule articles of information that bring about knowledge.

In every step of life, whether bitter or sweet, we should learn to reflect on our past mistakes, to try to educate ourselves in the direction of what we can amend to set right those mistakes. For if a person learns to do that much, the fruit of education would probably be installed in them.

The world’s axis is now tilted towards the presence and acknowledgement of education, thus giving us more reason to partake in it. Some say that ignorance is bliss. Well, place such people before me who firmly believe in that and I will but make sure I snub them of the thought till they get a piece of my mind. Education is the essence of existence. Let’s exclaim it out loud to the world!


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