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She was lying alone in her bed. There was a knock in the door, and a voice too. It was Ramya’s mother! she said “What are you doing in there, all are waiting to see you dear”. Her marriage was after two days. Ramya said ” amma, i have got severe headache, let me take some rest”. She wanted to get away from all the fuss that was going around in her house, time passed, it was already half past two. a voice came by ” aren’t you coming to have lunch either”. She slept as if she had not heard of anything. After ten minutes she got up and sat on her bed, slowly felt the breeze that was passing her hair, she closed her eyes, then came the memories of her college life, the time when used to roam around with her friends, amongst them, came a more familiar face of her best friend Aarthi, the time they spent together laughing and talking, the roam around in the evening, and fighting for food, all these gazed through her mind.

Tears slowly came down from her eyes, slowly wiping them, and keeping a fake smile, she opened her eyes and started walking towards the door, she stood in front of the door, thinking whether to open the door or not, she was missing her friends and her past life a lot. She had the knob firmly in her hand, she slowly twisted it and the door with a creaky sound let her way out. After some time of relaxation, she had to get into the fuss and the happiness around her. She slowly tightened up her hair and then banded it to three knots, and moved towards the kitchen. Her mom was busy serving Payasam to the relatives, even without looking her, she asked “How is your headache dear, is it fine, did you take rest?”. Ramya replied “Mom i am disturbed a lot, will you take me out or please tell dad”. Her mom replied, ” Ok dear we will go to aunts house in the evening, go and have your lunch”. She did not want to go to her aunts house, she wanted to go somewhere, she would find her lost happiness, showing a satisfied smile in her face, she took a plate and put in a little rice and poured some sambar and moved to the dining. She felt as if she is eating that small quantity for a long time. After her lunch, she sat near her dad and asked the same question of taking her out, but the reply was the same.


She wanted to some how escape from this busy place. She went into her room a took a small nap. It was twenty past five thirty. There was a knock in the door, with a shock she got up, and walked towards the door, opened to see her mom and dad dressed up, her mom asked ” aren’t you coming to aunts house”, she was confused whether to say yes or a no. She said ” 5 minutes” and closed the door to get ready. It was six o’clock and they started in their car to aunts house. They reached aunts house by six fifteen, “jaya come in” said her aunt to her mom. They three and four from aunts family say opposite to each other in two sofas. They started talking about the day after tomorrow’s ceremony. She wanted a place of happiness and calmness, but she did not want her in such a situation. Aarthi’s house was nearer to her aunts house. She told her dad and started walking to aarthi’s house.

She opened the rust filled gate by 7 p.m., “Who is that” yelled aarthi. Tears came down from her, when she saw her old friend. They hugged each other and sat on the varandah, and started talking about the old memories. When aarthi saw raya crying she consoled her telling that all are here and said her not to worry about anything and asked her to be happy because it was the most precious time of her life. She heard a ringing sound, it was her mobile phone which showed ‘dad calling’. Time was already half past eight. She said aarthi about the call and left the place, the talk with aarthi was soothing to her. She closed the gate and started walking towards her aunts house. But she felt as if some breeze around her was not going calmly. She turned back to see three men coming in a cycle towards her. They were the animals who were coming to tear her into pieces.


She started walking fast, the sound of the chain from the cycle was making her heart beat fast. She started to breath very fast, she was walking even faster, to her dismay, she found that she had lost her way back to her aunts house and was somewhere else, she had not been before. She heard the voice coming close to her, the footsteps behind her were even faster than hers. She was was not able to walk, her mind was telling her, something is not good, she started running. She was sweating, not because she was running, but because she had her mom and dad in her mind, the voices shouted “Stop there” she had no idea in stopping, and her speed increased. The footsteps came closer, and when they merely touched her, she hit on some one, even before she realised the situation, the foot steps stopped. She was frightened even more, because she was in the hands of some one else, she slowly looked up, it was a much familiar face and she has seen that face most of her 23 years. It was her dad. The three men started running back. She hugged her dad and hold his hand firmly, they started walked to aunts house, on the way she asked her dad, “how did you know i was in trouble”. her dad smiled and said ” you send me a message dear”. She was confused. Only then she realised that in the midst of all the scary and frightening fifteen minutes, she had pressed some buttons in her mobile phone, even without her knowledge, which had send the message to her dads mobile. After realising what really had happened, she smiled and said “This is why, i asked for a smartphone”, which brought a smile in her dads distress face.

As ramya was lucky, she was able to be safe, but this is not the case with many girls, who were in the situation, ramya was. New technologies have come in, we have to use them properly to our advantage. There are lot of dangerous animals in our neighbourhood, animals are animals, we won’t be able to change them but at least we can make them thick twice or thrice, before they can pounce on the deer.

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