The independent woman

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Women are no more just restricted to the house hold chores and have come out of the four walls of the kitchen and are now a very important part of the corporate world. They are no more self contained by taking care of the family. They want more for themselves on a personal level. Women these days are career driven and ambitious and want to achieve more and more for them. And they are ready to sacrifice a lot of things for success in their chosen professional field. Women in the earlier times used to be more adjusting and accommodating where as men as usual were the ones who would not accommodate and would want people around them to adjust to them. This is how the society has been working since always.

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Women earlier used to be under the thumb of men and everything in the house was according to the men who were the bread winners for the family. The men had the most say in all the important decisions of the family and the women just used to comply with it without any problem. Women used to be quiet and did not have much of an opinion. But now the social structure has changed, women are no longer content with just being the house wife. They too want to be independent and want to break free from these shackles. Women now are tired of someone dictating them around and want to be in charge of their own lives. This had led to women wanting a career and being independent and taking charge od their lives.

Because of women being ambitious there have been some problems in the social structure in the recent years. Women now have jobs and careers too and they do not have as much time for the family as they used to. They too have a hectic schedule and should not be expected to work by themselves for the house. They rightly expect men to now help them out with the household chores and share the responsibilities equally. They want men to take care of the house just as much as they do because now the men are not the bread winner of the family. And also now women also want a say in the decisions of the family matter and want their opinions to be considered equally. Women no longer want to be told what to do, they are independent and want to live their  life by their own rules.

Also this has led to a shift in the social structure and has caused a chaos because since both the man and the woman of the house are working there is  no one left to take care of the house or the kids or cook meals etc. Also now women have also become dominating and since men have always been the dominating kind there are more than ever clashes between the two of them leading to an unsatisfactory life for both.

This change and chaos and mayhem was inevitable and we just need some time to get used to all of this. We need to change our mentality and stop looking at women as people who belong inside the house belong backstage. They have just as much right to go out into the world as much as men and no one can stop them on any grounds. Also we need to look at the positive side of this social change.


There are many aspects to women now wanting to be independent and empowered.It has led to a better country and a better place as women understand the importance of education and so they want their kids to be self dependent too. The mothers who valued education not only praised their children more often than more traditional mothers, they also allowed their children to ask more questions, even to interrupt- the conversation of adults. They assigned them fewer chores, allowing them to plead the necessity of doing homework for school. Homes of these women were more child-oriented, most notably the households of professional parents in Nairobi. It was often impossible to have a coherent conversation with the mothers if the children were in the house, a far cry from the traditional household where children were expected to be silent in the presence of visitors, to speak only when spoken to. The notion that children should be just seen and not heard does not apply now and this is all thanks to the women in our society wanting to be more empowered and this has led to a change in the family life as well.

The educated and independent mothers spend more time with their children than the fathers are carrying the major responsibility for encouraging the children to study. If their children are equipped to get white collar jobs they will be better able later to care of themselves and especially the girls as they will not have to be dependent on the man in their house and will be self reliant. This is basically the main driver for women wanting to have jobs so that they can make a respectable place for themselves in the society and can have an identity of their own.

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