Inter-Religion Marriage

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It is a known fact that love marriages have become common all over.. that too inter caste love marriages and even inter religion love marriages too have started to come into practise by the day. Few years back one of my close friend, who is a hindu was in love with a guy of Christian origin. They loved each other and after they got settled in a good job, mustered up courage to disclose to their parents. Both the guy’s family and the girl’s family agreed. But the problem was they asked the girl to get converted into Christian before their marriage. So as they both had strong bond, she got converted into Christianity and were married. Now they are leading a happy life. But my point is different. When they love each other, what is the necessity to get converted into other religions? Why can’t they accept how they are and live a happy life? You all might think I am saying something which is impractical. But it is applicable. Marrying as how they are and following two different religions in the same home is possible. They too can lead a very happy life. The best example which I am going to put forward is the life history of Jodha bai and Akbar.

Many decades ago, may be around 1500 BC, our country was under the king’s rule. That time Mughals were very strong and ruled most part of India. And Jalaludhin Mohammad Akbar was known as the finest and best Mughal ruler ever. He was the only Mughal ruler who was born in the role palace of Rajput. From his childhood he was trained by the trusted devote, Bhairam khan. He trained him how to conquer the entire nation.

On the other hand, Jodha Bhai was the Rajput princess. Her father was the ruler of Aamer, King Bharmal. Jodha was known for her braveness and kindness. She was well versed in sword fighting taught by her cousin Ajmal. Life went in a smooth way for both Akbar and Jodha. After many years, when Akbar became the ruler, he tried to unite the entire nation under their rule. Afraid of their mighty power and strength, many rulers abided to come under their rule. When asked regarding the decision of the Rajput, Akbar was quite surprised as the rulers of Rajput decided not to come under his rule.

After some time, due to the fact that Mughals will broke into a war against Rajput, they were really worried. They knew too well that they will be won by Akbar. So in order to safeguard his people, Bharmal took one tough decision. He went to see the king of Mughals and asked him to marry his daughter Jodha. So that officially his rule can come under Akbar’s and people of his land will not be affected. Akbar thought for a while and  agreed for the marriage proposal which is only regarded as political bond.

Jodha was really upset on making her marry to a ruler who was entirely poles apart with their customs and traditions. She wept a lot. But her father told her that this decision was hard for him and was taken only for the welfare of the people under his rule. Having no option left with her, she agreed to marry him. But before her marriage she wanted him to agree for two conditions she was about to impose on him. She told that she would remain as a Hindu and will follow all the customs and traditions as per her religion. Moreover, she even wished to have a temple in her palace to worship. Akbar was really surprised to see her braveness on telling out what really she wants. He was impressed on seeing her valour. On account of agreeing to her two wishes, they were married. Their marriage took place in both styles.. that is as per Hindu tradition and according to Muslim culture too.

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In the beginning she was not at all comfortable to mingle with them. She told him that she cannot accept him so soon though they were married. She felt that may be because of the fact that both of them belonged to different culture and tradition, she did not feel peace at mind. The emperor was disappointed and even gave her the freedom to divorce him. But Jodha denied by telling that marriage was a beautiful relationship which according to them was a bondage forever.

In due course of time, she started to understand them and became comfortable. The same goes to the bond between her and Akbar too. Though the bond was made for political reasons, they understood each other and lead a very beautiful life. He respected her and treated her equally without discriminating her as a woman. He even gave her a very powerful authority in the kingdom of Mughals. These things really proved that Akbar was not only a great warrior but also a great man by heart. This made him to talk about him even after centuries later. His name will always be reminded as a man of greatness.


The life story of Jodha and Akbar inspired me to the core. We might think this was possible because it is common among the king’s rule. But the truth is this incident took place many decades ago and I would like to showcase the valour of Jodha. This shows that for leading a happy life, conversion of religions or castes is not required. It requires only the understanding between the two people who are into a relationship. If they understand and care for each other, they can live following different religions under same roof too. That will not make any change with the love they have on each other or the care. Think about it and decide dudes.


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