Joey Tribbiani – A Womanizer

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There we have it. The last, but surely not the least of the lot, Joey Tribbiani. He’s the reason the show is that interesting. If it weren’t for his weird comedy, FRIENDS wouldn’t be half as interesting. So, I decided to dedicate an article in favour of him and the way he’s so awkwardly connected to the multiple women in his life, rather, camera life.


He’s good with the women. That has been established. His most famous dialogue that has spread through the years as the pickup line of the decades. Now that they’ve recently celebrated their tenth anniversary of the ending of the show, I’m sure many fans out there are sitting glued to their computers or televisions and watching re-re-re-runs of FRIENDS. The most prominent of the lot will have to be, hands down, the famous “How you doing?” with that weird Joey Tribbiani expression on his face.
He’s a child. A man child. That’s what he is. With his temper tantrums to his very serious rule of not sharing food, he’s a baby at heart. Especially, in the episode where Chandler leaves town to get ready for work, Joey Tribbiani sulks and has tears in his eyes because he doesn’t want his friend to go. And in the episode where he breaks up with his girlfriend because he is very hateful of the fact that she reaches in his plate to eat some of his food. It upsets him to the point where he can’t be with her anymore and that makes me want to laugh. Hard. Another highlight is the way he builds a castle out of cardboard boxes that belong to Ross in the episode where Ross moves over to Chandler and Joey’s for a while.
He can’t handle responsibilities. That’s right. Whenever he’s in charge of something, he always messes it up and makes a huge deal out of it. Be it taking care of something or having a decent job, he’s just not your guy. In the episode where Ross and Rachel talk about giving up their child to Chandler and Monica if they die, Chandler tells them that if he dies, Ross can have Joey. This highlights the fact the throughout the show, Tribbiani’s character is one that needs attention. In an episode where he’s supposed to sell off the cabinet that was too big for the apartment, he foolishly gets into it to show how spacious it is while he is locked inside and he and chandler get robbed.
He’s commitment phobic. I don’t even think this requires reiteration. Anyone who’s seen the show knows just how much of a womanizer this man really is. In the episode where the girls try to explain to him that endless nights of meaningless sex can get boring and make one very lonely, he laughs it off and claims that he loves his life. In all the ten seasons, Joey is seen with woman after woman after woman and his ego gets a boost every time he sleeps with one. This gives him an upper edge and he tells Chandler and Ross how pathetic they both are when it comes to women.
He breaks hearts. It is ironic that a man who has seven sisters still doesn’t understand how a woman’s heart works. It is this fact that makes it even more interesting to see how good he is with all his sisters. He gets overly protective in the episode where Chandler kisses one of the sisters and then forgets how she looks because in his mind and according to his judgement, they all look the same to him. Similarly, in the episode where one of his sisters gets pregnant, he brings the man, Bobby, over and then decides to get them married off for the plain fact that they both slept together. He tells her that she can’t handle the child alone and that she needs some support.


He’s an actor. It’s a fact that one easily can swoon about because let’s face it. At one point of the time or another, all of us have wished to become an actor or at least something related to that field. In a common person’s wish list, being an actor is amazing. It feels like a miracle of a job, a dream come true to appear on television in front of millions of people. But Joey’s role portrays one of a struggling actor, contrary to his real life. A man who sleeps with whoever he wants and gets to be an actor and have amazing friends. Seems like a role model to all men out there!
He’s cute. That’s undeniable. He’s adorable. Be it the way he looks or the methods he opts for, the things he says or the love he portrays, his craze for food and his craving for women, they’re all the things that make him adorable. He’s a man everyone wants to be with for short periods of time, a guy who is obviously an amazing friend and a lovely brother.


Joey Tribbiani is the warning symbol for women out there. He’s the reason we need to nurse our hearts unless we’re his family or friends. But he’s sure added life to the character.


That’s how I end this marathon of FRIENDS articles where I describe how essential and close they are to our lives.

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