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Someone has rightly said you do not get married in a day; you gradually become married over years.

“I see the young beautiful girl with the sparkling eyes. What eyes they were……Full of dreams and hopes. Hidden behind them is a plethora of emotions, there is a lot of confusion and anxiety too.

Dressed all too well in bright colours and with a matching necklace and bangles to complete her dress. See seems to waiting for someone.

just married 1







She checks her watch once again. Still waiting…..

There he is. I see a handsome young man coming her way. She looks at him he looks at her, a lovely smiles spreads over her face. Ok so he was man she was waiting for. He comes to her and takes her in his arms. She too falls entirely in his. The satisfied look, oh I can never forget.

It could be nothing else but a couple so lost in love with each other, the moment when it’s just the two of them. Everything else ceases to exist for that single moment.

Then I see the wedding rings and realize…….that oh….she is the new bride……a couple just married.

Just married…….yes a time when everything appears so exciting and new. When love is at its peak and even a moment’s separation is unbearable.

just married 2










Now I knew the reason for those sparkling eyes and bright colors.”

A girl leaves her home her family she has been born and brought up in. She moves to a new world new life new relations. The relation that is dearest to her is that with her lover. Before anything else she yearns for his care, his trust. She wants to be the perfect wife.

He is also ready to give her all his love and attention. He wants to impress her and make her happy all the time.

Time flies by and few years down the line they are still together, holding each other’s hand. There have been petty fights but none too serious to be remembered. A look is enough to solve every doubt and solve every problem.

Few more years pass, life is busier; they both spend less time with each other now. He is often late and tired when he returns home, perhaps busy at work she thinks. She still waits for him each night, like she used to.

One day she finds a bill in his pocket. A bill for a diamond ring it was. She is filled with joy that perhaps even in this busy schedule he thinks about her. She decides not to tell him and silently replaces the bill at its original place. From that day she waits, secretly hoping he would get it today.  Days change to weeks and weeks move on to months but the ring never comes. She begins to doubt if…….

No….she says to herself it can’t be. It’s something else, she reassures herself.

just married 3







Those frequent outings are now rare. She now can no longer devote all her time to him. She is now not just a wife but a mother too. Burdened with responsibilities she has lost the charm that her youth once bestowed her with. But her heart is strong and the faith still intact.

Years change to decades and now she is well settled in the home that was once all new and unknown. She can now call that home her own. One night as usual she is waiting for him, its 11:00 p.m. and he has not left any message.

Then 12:00 am……..1:00 a.m. ………she is worried now. 2:00 a.m. …..She tries to call but the call would not get through.

3:00 a.m. …..she is now all confused and tensed….she has nowhere to go, no one to ask for help, she just prays for his well-being.

“I see those eyes, now they do not glisten they once did. There is no anxiety, no restlessness, but a realization of the brutality of life. Love is lost and long forgotten it seems.”

Its morning she has been awake the whole night, she decide to file a missing report. She gets ready and opens the door of her house. There he is standing at the entrance. She hugs him tightly, thanks God that he is alright. Then as she plans to question him, he shrugs her away and moves straight into the bedroom. She is troubled, but she again gathers all the courage and decides to ask him. She knocks on the door but he does not answer. She is patient and waits for him. He comes out dressed and ready to go for work. She confronts him…

“Where were you all night?”

“I was busy…!”

“I tried to call”

“My battery was out”

She is doubtful, she knows she should trust him her heart wants to believe him but her mind is not convinced. She is fearful but nevertheless decided to go ahead.

“Were you with another girl?”

“Don’t you trust me honey?”

“I do”

She does not have the courage to ask more. She contents herself and decides to let it go.

“That happy phase of “Just married” is over. She cannot act like the bride who wants to be pampered and taken care of. She has to be strong, she has to be mature.

She has to continue not for herself but for her children. She longs to be the new bride she once was. The time now seems like a distant dream that was never real. She is afraid what tomorrow may bring.”

It was her 10th marriage anniversary and she wanted to make it special for him. She bought him the best present and decorated the house with candles and lights, a plan for a perfect romantic evening. She wonders what must be going on in his mind. She returns to the house exhausted from a long day’s work. She is about to sleep lie on her bed when she discovers a note on the side table. She is excited, thinking what surprise it would be. She begins to read the note…..

“As she reads on…..I see those eyes, gradually filling with tears. I see in them the realization of truth that she so fervently denied till today. Every line breaks her heart into a thousand pieces. She wonders where the fault has been. “

just married 5







She tries to call him……” the number you are trying to reach is currently switched off, please try again later”…….She wipes her tears away. She looks at her children sleeping peacefully oblivious that there world is about to fall apart.

“She relaxes herself……reassuring everything will be alright…… even though at the back of her mind she knows nothing will ever be like it was from now on. She will now be looked at like a rejected woman, one who could not keep her relationship intact. “

He has left her and this house forever. He has moved in with another girl.

Few days later……she has decided to face the reality and not to run after someone who does not deserve her. She decides to be strong for her children.

“She knows the world calls her by different names, but now she does not care. I see a new born confidence in her eyes, a sense of freedom and being alive. Those eyes now see a another girl waiting for someone…….the man comes and hold the girl in his arms…….she now realizes that it’s a couple “Just Married”………!!””

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