It’s not only just NORMAL women, CELEBRETIES TOO (Part 2)

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We have seen some celeb stories; here are some other stories, which will shock us,

Rhea Chakraborty: She is an upcoming actress, who is beautiful, stylish and can manage any environment. But the thing is that, like any girl, even she cannot tolerate abuse from men. She hates it to the core and do not like men who misbehave with ladies. She made her debut in the bollywood movie “Mere Dad Ki Maruti”. She was groped in her Mumbai apartment complex’s elevator and the most shocking part is that, that man was well dressed and was looking decent. There were two security guards inside the building at that particular time and she was not alone too. The pretty actress had filed a complaint on that man in the Khar police station. Even after so much security a man molests a celeb, and so it is not a problem for them to rape a normal girl. These men should be hanged or life sentenced or should be given a punishment, none other men tend to think of rape or abuse a women.


Sophia Hayat: She is an upcoming actress, TV show host and a former Big Boss contestant. She might have been grown up in London, but even she has been a victim of child sexual abuse. She was ten years old when she was sexually abused by her own uncle. He used to abuse her whenever he comes to her house or whenever she goes to his house. She had a disturbing childhood and was very scared of her uncle. She had dreams of her uncle, who would come to rape her. She was not able to tell this to anyone because, it was her relative who is abusing her. May be it’s because of her past that she is advising all the victims to come over the nightmare and to chase their dreams. She says that it’s never their fault and there is no need to replay that incident again and again, and spoil their life.

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Anoushka Shankar: She is a famous sitar player and is also the daughter of the legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar. Even she has become a victim to sexual abuse in her childhood. Anyone who is abused in their childhood will have the worst childhood and she too had the same. She spoke about this to the media during the release of a video for Global Women Rights campaign. She was abused by her family friend, who is very decent and was trusted by everyone in her family. Her family trusted him so much that they allowed him in their house and used to take her to his house. But he misbehaved to her and made her childhood a hell. After that incident she was scared to go to his house or see him. She suffered sexual abuse and emotional abuse by that man. Ok, this was in her childhood, but even after becoming a celeb, she suffered abuse from her fans, like groping, touching at inappropriate parts of her body, verbal abuse, and other things.


Asin Thottumkal: Asin is a beautiful actress who has been active in the film industry for some years. She is been in mollywood, tollywood and also in the bollywood industry. She has not faced any abuse in her childhood but her upper private part was pressed by a person in public. Just think of her situation, in front of all the media and in front of her fans, her private part was pressed. This is the situation of the women in India and all parts of the world; they are not safe even when they have security around them. Her image was flashing around so fast and made her depressed. Like every controversy, she came out of it to, but it’s not fair to abuse a celeb in such a way. She would have been hurt by such an act and would not like to address in front of the public. She came over it and is active in Indian film industry. Unlike other celebs, she was abused in public, after becoming a celebrity, but others were abused in their childhood. So they had time to recover from the incident, but Asin had to recover very fast and continue chasing her dreams. She is also a lady to be inspired.

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Madonna: Madonna, the Pop queen was also a victim of rape. She was raped at the beginning of her career by a stranger, as soon as she reached from Michigan to pursue her dreams. She revealed that in the candid interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She had come to New York with her dreams to become a singer, but her career started with such an incident. She was raped on a roof top at gun point. She was depressed a lot and thought of even going back to her home thinking that New York is not the place for her. She stayed there for some days and thought of it and she realized that it was not her mistake and this incident can’t stop her from achieving her goal. She had the trauma and that to at the beginning of her career, which would make anyone neutral and place them in back-foot. But she was very passionate in music which made her take that positive decision at that particular time. Many women tend to lose their mind at that particular time and tend to lose their life, but Madonna was on the positive side. She is also a woman to be inspired.

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