It’s not only just NORMAL women, CELEBRETIES TOO (Part 3)

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We saw some of the celebs who are abused in the earlier part of their life and here are some more stories, which will make every rape victims come over the trauma and will make them look into their past, just as a past.

Ashley Judd: One of the most beautiful actress and one of the most paid actresses in Hollywood was also a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood and in her youth. Her story is one of the most devastating stories. She has become victim for rape so many times in her childhood. She has had nightmare a lot of times, she did not have a happy childhood. She was brutally raped several times by a stranger, who would take her to an isolated building by saying that he would give her a quarter for the pinball machine. She was raped so many times and she was going through the trauma. She was not able to take it any more and so she told about this to her parents, but they ignored her and did not believe her. She was already in a bad state and when her parents behaved to her in such a way, she became depressed and devastated and from then she carried the scars of despair and humiliation in her later part of life. She came over that and decided to go into modelling, and there too she was not allowed to work peacefully. She was raped many times by a male model, who forced her into oral sex for him. Think of the situation she would have been, just when she was coming out of the trauma of her childhood, she is again used as a sex toy in someone else’s life. She felt dirty at first like every women, but as time passed, her wounds were cured and she started chasing her dreams and became a big star.

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Britney Spears: This beautiful lady was a victim of sexual abuse and that too by her father in her childhood. Unlike every others, Britney had the most devastating childhood because she was abused by her father. A father is someone who should protect their daughter’s from such incident, but in her life the Villain was her father. She also would have had the worst childhood and would not have felt safe in her father’s hands. She was also very passionate about music and so she started taking this incident out of her mind, and started chasing her dreams. She is also a true inspiration.

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Teri Hatcher: She is a woman who has prosecuted her culprit. She is an actress, voice actor, writer, Presenter and a cheer leader. She was also a victim of child abuse. She was raped by her uncle, who would come to her house often to abuse her. She was raped when she was just five years old, that too at a small age. She did not know what her uncle was doing to her, and when she reached her high school, she realized that she was raped by that man. She wanted to prosecute him somehow. She testified against him in 2002 and he was sentenced to prison for fourteen years.

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Rita Hayworth: She is also a beautiful actress who was born on 1918 and passed away on 1987. She also had a bad time in her childhood because she was often raped by her father. Her mother passed away when she was a small child, and after that her father repeatedly raped her and tutored her. She was very passionate about dance. Her father would tell her that sex is very important for a dancer and would rape her whenever he wants. She did not know that sex was an important thing in a relationship until she grew into her adulthood. Only then she realized that sex is not common between a father and a daughter.

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These actresses are very bold and brave that they have achieved their goals even after they have become victims to rape, sexual abuse and many other. They were raped in their early life which would have made anyone in their back foot and have faced the trauma and the nightmares. Not because they are actress and models, they do not have the trauma. Every woman faces the trauma if she is raped or is sexually assaulted, because they are being used without their permission. Many rape victims think that it is their fault because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If these women have thought that way, they would not have achieved what they have achieved now. This is only about 12 women celebs who have been victims, there are so many celebs, who have been raped early in their carrier and used as a sex toy. These women are truly an inspiration to every rape victims who think about the incident and keep them locked in a room and replay the incident again and again. This will only make the situation worse, and will make them take decisions against their life. These ladies have come out of the trauma at the right time and chased down their dreams. They are ready to share their life’s tragedy and are ready to help girls who are in such a situation. Their story will certainly motivate every victim to come up in life and will make them think that, rape will not end their life. Salute to these ladies.

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