It’s not only just NORMAL women, CELEBRITIES TOO (Part 1)

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Every woman across the globe is sexually abused or become a victim to such acts. This is not a new topic and is common in all places. One in three women and one in thirty three men become a victim to rape across the globe. Rape is not just prevailing in India; it is being committed in every part of the globe. Women across the globe are targeted as sex objects and are facing various kinds of molestation. Let it be eve-teasing, rape, groping, sexual abuse, indecent gestures or comments, women face it all, at least once during their life time. It does not matter if they are in New Delhi or New York; women have become a victim of sexual offences. While if you people have a thought that only normal girls or women become victims to such incident, then you are wrong. There are lots of celebrities who become victims to such incidents. These Celebs have not only faced the worst part but also thrown in front of the media. These women are an example to many girls who are sexually abused, because these celebs had so much courage to face the world and become successful in the life. When they become successful, all the abuse and the rape will go down out of memory and only their success will be in front of us. They were so brave that rather than sitting in a room and crying for them and replaying the incident, they came into the world and faced it courageously. If they had not done that, may be their incident would not have reached us or would not have become very famous between normal people, but they were very brave to win in their life. Normal people cannot do that, only women who are determined to come over it can do it. They are not worried about the media because they know that it’s not their fault and there is nothing to feel dirty about it. Yes they were raped, but that is not the end of life.

Here are some of the celebs, who have become victims to such acts, and come over it successfully,

Pamela Anderson: Pamela’s story will shock anyone who listens to it. She has come over the trauma by now, but she has faced a lot of nightmares in her childhood. The Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson admitted that she has been victims to three such incidents. She was molested at the age of six, by her female babysitter. But she did not know what had happened to her because she was a small girl. Only after she knew what real world was, she understood that she was molested. Then she was raped by her friend’s twenty five year old brother, when she was twelve years old. Then again when she was just in her high school, she was gang raped by her boyfriend and his six friends. She shared this in the launch of her charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation, Cannes film festival. She has become a victim during her childhood, before even knowing about SEX. This will make any person go into serious trauma because she was not raped just once but she has become a victim thrice. She had the trauma but she came out of it and faced real world and is an actress now. She is helping the rape victims come over it. She is a real person of inspiration to all the rape victims.


Nikita Gokhale: She is a model-cum actress who is becoming successful. She is a beautiful woman who has also become a victim of sexual abuse. She shocked her fans by her shocking flashback. She revealed that she was sexually abused by her tuition teacher when she was in her 9th standard. Her teacher took pictures of her assets and blackmailed her. Being a small girl she did not know how to respond and also she was threatened that if she told this to anyone, he would upload it in the internet. She was helpless. She also told that, her teacher wanted to touch her body parts and take photos of her. She revealed that he wanted to hold her private parts from front and behind. Just think of the trauma she would have gone through during her childhood. She would have had the worst time but she came over that and completed her studies and achieved something in her life.

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Paridhi Sharma: The TV serial Jodha Akbar’s lead actress has accused that she was sexually abused by the director of the show, Santaram Verma. She plays the role of Jodha bai in the serial. She even complained that to the production team but in vain. She was assaulted by the director in all her shoots; he did not allow her to act peacefully. He would always be around her and harass her. Nobody could raise a voice against the director, even she could not tell anything against him. When a person acts to a lady in such a way, it will make them lose hope and will depress them. She reacted one day and from that day the director did not abuse her and he would only talk about the scenes of the serial and would not come to her for any other unwanted talk. This is how women should be; react to all the illegal crimes. Unless you react, men will act the same way. Make them realize that even women have the guts and they can face the real world.

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