Kalpana-The Savior

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Kalpana was a girl from a middle order family. Her parents had died in an accident and she was alone in a house. She was learning her final year engineering. She had no means to pay her fees after her parents passed away. She worked in a small advertisement company and earned her college fees and for her other need. As she was in the Final year, she had to go to college for two days and for another two days, she had half day, and so she could manage the work and also the manager of the advertisement company was a genuine person. He also supported Kalpana to manage her work and her job. She was living in her house, where she was brought up.  She always had the memories of her parents playing with her and having fun, so she decided to sell that house and move to another house for rent. The next day she went and told this to a broker and her house was sold after two months ad she had some money in her hand. She always wanted to buy an ambassador car because she wanted to fulfill her father’s wish. He wanted to buy an ambassador car but was not able to because of his low income. She took that car to her new house and was moving smoothly.


She was proposed by a gem of a person, but she did not accept his proposal because she had a lot of commitments and so she thought that getting into a relation will not help her move smoothly. He did not disturb her much; he proposed her and made her feel his love, and that was enough for any girl to fall in love. She also fell in love with him; he also helped her with her advertisements by giving her new ideas and also helping her with her studies. Her lover was working in a big firm but he had not told her about this because he thought that she would not love him as before because of his post and dignity. Kalpana always told him about her parents and his wish for the ambassador car. She also told that, her father wanted to buy a car, but she would but three cars and only after that she would marry. He was shocked when he heard about this, but did not oppose her, he just said ok and he would wait till the time comes. She completed her studies and during the campus placements, she was not able to attend because of some illness, and so she was not placed in any firm after her studies. She was disappointed a lot but she had a supportive lover, he used his power to fetch a job. He talked to the managing director of a company and showed him her qualifications; the M.D was impressed and sends her an interview call. She was surprised a lot and told her lover about this, without even knowing that he was the one who did the needy.

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She had to go to Mumbai for the interview. She left from the home town and reached Mumbai to attend the interview. She had a successful interview and was selected for the job with a decent salary. She was very happy and called her lover and told him about this. She became a savior when she was travelling in a local train. Two girls were hiding under the seat of the compartment in which she was also travelling. She did not see them first, but after some time she started hearing a moaning sound and when she checked for the sound, she saw two minor girls hiding under the seat. She asked them Why they were hiding and they told that they had escaped from the brothel group and there were fifty other girls who are in their custody. They had escaped when they were moving those girls into the hand of some other agency. Those girls also told that they were sold into the hands of the agency, which would use them for prostitution and earn money. Those girls were beaten, kept locked in a room until they have work, kept foodless for days. She was really shocked to hear this and told them not to worry and made them comfortable around her. She called her lover and informed him about this. After ten minutes two person came in with knifes in search for the girls. They were searching each compartment and they got into Kalpana’s compartment. For her dismay, there was no other person in the compartment except for a blind man who was singing songs by sitting in a seat. She was not able to do anything and so she ran to the end of the compartment with the girls. Those guys moved to them and told Kalpana to let those girls, which she refused. The way to the next compartment was closed and to escape she opened that door, and she was really happy to see military people in that compartment. She told them about this and they fought those two person.


The next day Kalpana took those girls to the hide place of those girls with the support of the military and rescued all the girls from that place. All the girls were really happy and they thanked kalpana and the Mumbai police also thanked Kalpana for her bravery. She became the centre of attraction of the media and when asked about this, she told that she was able to save only fifty of the girls who were in this trap and there is many more suffering in this way. She also requested the police to save the girls from these traps. She returned home and the next day she went to the advertisement company and told that she won’t be coming again and gave them sweets for the new job. At that time a mafia leader came to her and threatened her for her doing and also told that he would do this again by selling girls for prostitution. She also threatened him that she would go to the police. The gang planned to kill her on that day, and the plan was executed. Kalpana was killed for saving the innocent girls from the hands of some animals. The culprits were not caught at all.

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People are not helping each other because they are afraid that they will also be treated like Kalpana. So they are moving as if they had not seen anything and it is none of their problem. Kalpana was a girl with some goodness in her heart and so she wanted to save those innocent girls from them. There are many more girls who are used for prostitution and does not have a way out and when they try to they are killed eventually. These girls have to be saved from them and allowed to start a new life.

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