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Have you read the line; what goes around comes back to you. It’s true. If you be good to someone that person will be good to you. If you be bad to someone they will be bad to you.

In life, always be good to everyone. Forgive and forget are the rules one should always pursue in life. Let the past go, let it not harm your present and future, live in your present don’t think about your future. Live every moment.

It always happen that you are jealous of someone, you love someone and you want him/her in your life, but you choose the wrong way in which you tend to hurt someone, break someone, and then you get satisfied because you might have got what you want in your life, but the story does not end there. There is something more. Your life seems to be perfect. You are happy, enjoying, laughing. But there is some surprise for you from you dear destiny.

Suddenly there comes a time when everything goes wrong. You try to do something good and there goes everything bad. You have no idea what is happening. Why is your life at a mess? Why is everything going away? You seem to be alone and lost. And then you remember that it’s your karma that is playing the game. What you did to someone is coming back to you and then you feel the pain, the sorrow that you gave to someone else.

Yes! You do learn a lesson. But what worst take place is, some people during this journey, the good people might go away. The one who you truly loved. The one who were close to you, were there for you during your ups and downs and managed to take care of you always. Life is short. Live it the way you want and the way you feel peace and happy.

There are people who suffer more than you. Everything bad that happen in your life is not that will always be bad. If the sunsets’, then there is a sunrise too. After a dark night there is a morning. In fact even in that dark night there is a shining moonlight that helps you feel better in your solitude.

But sometimes karma also does injustice too. You see if a small girl is raped, or any girl/women are raped, it’s an injustice to her. What have they done to face this in their life? The Delhi girl, who was gang raped, what she had done to suffer the worst that she died. And the one who raped her are still alive. Here who was supposed to get punishment are still living and the innocent suffered to death. How indignant that is.

Somewhere on internet I read one small incident which is also based on karma. I would like to share it with you. It was like a miser used to steal the sign bored from the highways which had a good control on the traffic, and used to replace them on small roads, or used to sell them. it happened once that he was on his way to steal one sign board from one of a good highway and was crossing where he got hit by a car and was declared dead there and there. In this incident it says that the miser stole the boards, so there must have happened to be accidents on the highway from where he stole all the sign boards and now he got it back. But he could have also given a chance to realize his mistake

Life is unpredictable. And so we are just puppets who run our role in life. There are many incidents in our life that make us learn something in life. While some are inexplicable to us and remain unanswered like the rapes and acid attacks. We need to just understand that whatever happens; happens for our good. Not that rape and acid attacks happen for good. They are something that we need to fight for. We need to stand against it and do something that it vanishes away from our country and slowly from every country.

There are many who suffer. The poor out there in the slums too suffer a lot in his everyday life. There are people who are without clothes, food shelter. There is a rich man, who got no peace in his heart and mind. His soul is not at peace. He got no family around. Everyone in this world have to go through some turbulent times in life that are either giving us good results or bad results. The only thing we can do is be positive, have faith in you.

There are times that one fails, and then it losses confidence in oneself. And then there are times, when one fails again fail but never give up. It’s how we look at the situation and take it. It is upon us.

Life is too short to be worried and depressed. Let the bad things go, take the good with you. Be with people who give you positive vibes, avoid the one who keep criticizing. And remember do good to others,  the best will come to you.




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