How to keep him happy

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So many of us have a boyfriend. We see couples roaming around in a romantic way almost everyday. Even the kids of secondary school have been roaming around with boyfriends these days. Are we really that mature to have a boyfriend or is it just a way to show off that we are better than everyone else who ever approached him? Well, some people do not really understand what a boyfriend should be for. A boyfriend is not someone whom you can show off to your friends, neither is he someone with whom you go shopping every weekend and show your authority over. So who is he? A boyfriend is someone who is really close to you. He is the immediate mixture of your best friend, love and every one else who takes care of you. He feels responsible for you and makes you feel responsible for him. You need to care for him and do what makes him happy because seeing him happy makes you happier. He should be all that you think about when you need support from someone and you should be comfortable in sharing every think you would to. No restrictions and no communication barriers should exist between the two of you. So the biggest problem is how to keep him happy? Here are a few tips on how to keep your boyfriend happy and satisfied with your relationship.

  • Give him space when he needs it. Even if you guys are crazy about each other and are head over heels in love, still everyone needs some alone time and some personal space. It is not important for the two of you to be together all the time. Let him do the things he wants. Tell him to go hang out with his buddies or play fifa or go on a guys night out. This will not only make him feel that even though you love him but you understand him too. Also this can be helpful to you as well as this also gives you a chance to pursue your own interests and maintain a fulfilling life outside of your relationship. Once you accept that you both need some personal space every now and then, you will be much happier as a couple.
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  •  Show a little love and appreciation. Let your man know how much you appreciate him and that you know how hard he tries. Thank him for being so caring towards you, or when he opens the door or gets you your favorite flowers. Give him a kiss or a hug or just tell him you love him. Knowing how happy he’s made you will make him happy. Also another way of showing your love is by reciprocating it. Once in a while you surprise him and pamper with. Cook his favorite meals along with his favorite music and wine and he will just love you. As you want to be appreciated and thanked for your efforts so does he so constantly do it. This will not just make him happy but also encourage him to continue doing such things.


  • Respect him is very important. Respecting your partner in any relationship is extremely important. Respect him and treat him the way you would want to be respected by him. Guys have this need to be needed by their girls and it makes them happy to help you out. So allow him to help you out from time to time to make him feel needed. You could do things like ask him to open a jar, to build some furniture or to drive your car. All of this may sound silly but it will boost his ego and make him feel good about himself. This doesn’t make you any less of a strong women, it’s just part of being in an equal, loving relationship.
  • Be his support system, because that is what he expects out of you. Rather than taunting him or saying I told you so, you should help him out and comfort him. Make him feel that he is not alone and he does not have to deal with his problems on his own. Make him believe that you are there by his side and always will be. If he has a bad day at work, has an argument with a family member or is generally just feeling a bit down, try to cheer him up or do something good for him, for instance you could cook him his favorite meal. Ask him if he wants to talk about it or allow him to be with himself, don’t impose on him and let him have his space. Appreciate him and try to make him feel good about himself again and he’ll feel happy and grateful towards you.

These are just a few tips to making him happy. But it mostly depends on how you treat him. It is important to show and respect to him so that he understands how much he means to you and how much you love him. You need to keep your man happy not just because you should but because you love him and its amazing to see that lovely smile again.

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