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Like the Rani in the movie ‘QUEEN’, we girls can actually try out an outing alone. An adventure that can actually make us be just we. The freedom of just going alone for an outing and enjoying our selves.

It’s not necessary to be single. You could be married, mother, or single. It hardly matters. We have just one life to live that is too short to spend on things malaise or being worried for every small thing around.

Sometimes it is necessary to just take a small break from all our daily boring routines, everyday people and faces we see and meet. To have a healthy life it is important to take less stress. Do you know how difficult it is to be a woman at this century? She needs to look after her family as well as her career.

Let’s keep life simply simple. Why give ourselves stress all the time. It’s time to relax and have fun. Just choose a destination of your choice and book tickets. Be adventurous and pioneer someone new in you.

It’s time to give ourselves some space, to please and relish our mind and heart. Pack your bags don’t notes down what you want to do, the things you never tried out. Or don’t plan out; let everything come by its own way. Wait for life to give you surprises. Meeting new people and having an experience of not knowing the place people around, taking every part of the memory in your eyes. Being away from stress, tension, and worries, it gives peace to mind even imagining such trips alone with no one to bother and stop us.

Oh yes, some girlfriends with whom we are never in contact with would be fun. To get along them and cherish the old memories just feeling like you are enjoying your teens. Some spa, selfies, clothes that you were retiring or wanting to wear but did not wore it; things that you wanted to try but never tried it.

How amazing it will be if every women/girl is given a chance to go on a road trip, or a holiday destination alone or with her girlfriends. Don’t you think it will be fun?

How about camping, trekking, rafting, surfing etc etc… it will be such an amazing experience. I know some of us must have tried. But some of us have only thoughts about it in dreams may be.

How vicious the society be, that it does ties women in so many rules and values. That woman forgets that they too have a life of their own. Women create a wall around them that is pursued for a longer or for a life time. For a healthy and happy life, let the stress go away, let the child in you born again and enjoy each moment. There are so many things that one can do to distress one self. Going for an outing or a vacation alone, or with friends may really be something different and enthusiastic. It can give you heart mind soul, a feeling of peace satisfaction and joy.

You see the Rani in the movie ‘QUEEN’, she goes on her own honeymoon her favorite destination and come across all the hardships that come her way. She lives with 3 boys that were so not in her books of values and rules set by her and the society around her.

In fact she gained confidence in herself and started loving herself more. If you were in a serious relationship and went through a heart break, why being upset and depressed all the time. Get up and enjoy that you were longing for so long. Celebrate the moment that something that was not made for you, something that did not deserve you is gone, why waste more time on it.

It is always better to move on and cherish each moment of our life. Learn from our mistakes and do not repeat it. Since history a women is always told to be in the four walls. But if she steps out there are millions of mouths to talk about her and her life.

How frowning was that. Part of it is still going on. A girl is born, she is made to study hard, when she finally is graduated and independent , she is then pushed to get married, finally when she is married, then she is pushed to increase the family( give birth). I mean they are never given time to even relax, and be what they want, fulfill their own desires, take their time to settle.

Yes, I agree that some women do not go through all this what I mentioned. But a huge number, does go through all this. In fact, many go through worse.  This was just a thought to express that came to my mind, but if actually done I am sure it will help many women to have a happy life.

Somewhere I had read “The search of human freedom can never be complete without freedom for women. Let’s have a wonderful life and I would like end it with a small thought,

Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be. Keep smiling.

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