He is a keeper!

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We all have been in relationships one or the other time in our life. And we might never know who is the one for us, with whom we are supposed to spend the rest of our lives and have our happily ever after. These are a few things you should notice about your guy and decide is he is your prince charming.


#1 He is there for you.

A boyfriend is someone who is always there for you, be it the happy times or a crisis. In times when you need him he should be there for you, holding your hand and consoling you. He understand things that might be okay with other people but get you choked up. And knows what might tick you off and even if he is not physically present he is still in touch with you, trying his best to make you smile and make the problem go away. It might be a broken nail or a senti video or bad grades, he is always there when you need him.

#2 He is honest with you.

Honesty is very important in a relationship. If two people aren’t honest with each other, there is a very good chance that things might not work out. If your guy does not lie to you, that is a very endearing quality. There might be things that are very hard for him to tell you and you should respect the fact that he does. If you are his confidant and he feels like he can tell you absolutely anythings then your relationship sure is going amazing and you should not leave him.

#3 He shows he cares.

He loves you and does not hesitate to show it to you or to anyone else for that matter. He smiles at you for no reason, he tries to make you smile with his silly jokes. He writes you little poems or randomly tells you how cute you look or how important you are to him. He makes you feel good about yourself. He knows your likes and dislikes and keeps them in mind. You should really hang on to someone like this, because he will never let your smile fade.

#4 He gives you space

He doesn’t surround you and your plans all the time. He makes sure there is some space to breathe in your relationship. He doesn’t mind, if you wish to spend some time with your friends alone. Rather he is happy to see you have fun with them and wants to hang out with his friends too, because that way you  can know that he knows how important friends are and knows that it is okay to take time off from each other.


#5 He makes you laugh

If a guy can make you laugh, then this also means he can make you feel happy. If he makes you laugh you would want to be around him. He can put a smile on your face and cheer you up when you’re sad or at a low point in life. He can always make things fun and happy and can also make you feel better no matter what the situation is. If your guy is like that then you better hold onto him.

#6 He is dependable

One of the biggest signs that you snagged a good guy is that he’s reliable. There are a lot of guys out there who are super great for a few weeks and then they get in a “mood” and they’re kind of off for a little while. If you never know what to expect from your boyfriend, that’s not good. But if you can always count on him to be there for you, to cheer you up and to have your back, that’s great! If you always know that he’ll make it a point to show up, he’ll call you back and he’ll go through with what he says, he’s a great boyfriend.

#7 He adjusts to you

Finding a man who can fight fair and who doesn’t need to get the last word every time you argue is important. We all have arguments over a lot things. Some might be really big and serious while other might be petty issues, you don’t even know why you are fighting about. In relationships this often happens, when a couple starts to fight, no one wants to back down or be the one to give up first and therefore the fight continues. No one wants to be the one to say sorry and adjust. And so if your man adjusts to you and says sorry when required and does not keep fighting with you like an eight year old then hold onto him because there are very few guys out there who are so mature.

#8 He likes you for who you are

There might be some things about you that people might find annoying or rather not pleasant, but this is who you are. So if the guy in your life is able to bear along with those little annoying and obsessive habits of yours, and still loves you just as much. If he does not try to change you at all and loves you for who you are then he sure is someone to hold onto because there are not many people who accept you completely as you are and those who do truly love us .

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