Keeping Rape Away

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None of the woman wants to get raped. Yet we are living in a society where the saying goes like “she’s is asking for it” prevails. Avoiding this kind of behavior is a concern for the entire woman-kind, who goes out to schools and work. Rapes are prevailing especially among the college-aged students. People say that she was raped by a stranger is just another myth, because most of the girls are being raped or assaulted by her close friends, her relatives or the people she knows well etc. It is someone whom the girl knows. More than 50 % of the rapes are caused by the action or the way the girl behaves, some of the behaviors that will tempt the man into rape are

  1. If she has drunk
  2. If she wears a tight or sexy clothes which will make the sexual hormones for rape
  3. If she was in the wrong place at the wrong time
  4. If she is young and attractive

These are some of the reasons that will tempt a man into sexual assault, but rapes can be prohibited completely if women can show some interest in reading the below mentioned points, that they should keep in mind while going out.

  1. If something is making you uncomfortable or if you are feeling as if you are unsafe, then trust your instinct and then have guts to do whatever you want to get out of that situation. Don’t hesitate thinking about others or be polite so as not to offend others. It’s about your safety and that should your top priority. Do whatever you want, to get out of that sort of situation.
  2. Keep your mobile phones fully charged whenever you go out, there are certain apps for woman’s protection which are free to download in play-store, app store etc, download those applications and learn how to use them too. Some people will download that application and will not know how to use that application, thinking to use them at the time of necessity. Use your phone as an extra measure of safety, to send message to certain numbers who will come to help you fast if you are under situation, it can be your father, brother, husband, any one for that matter. Have their number programmed in that application, so that when you press the required button, the self programmed message goes to them quickly.
  3. Think twice before you share something in a social networking site like a Facebook. It can reveal your location and if someone has had an eye on you before can pounce looking at the right situation.
  4. Your safety is the top most priority, do not worry about others feeling when you are in such a situation, do not worry if you have to hurt the feeling of your best friend for some reason in such a situation. After you are safe, you can ask a sorry and tell her/him the reason why you behaved like that, than to deal with the aftermath of a rape or assault.
  5. Don’t keep quiet if you feel something was going wrong. Don’t feel shy to draw the attention of the people around you for help.
  6.  When you go out with your friend, go together. Don’t go alone. Preplan where you are going and where you people meet. Numbers count, there is safety when we are in group. When you are leaving, leave together or if you get a situation in leaving alone, keep in touch with your friend through messages and also have an eye around the surroundings. People get attacked if we are out of our conscious by hearing songs, or messaging deeply. Always keep an eye on what is going around you.


  7. When you go out for a party, always be alert in what you drink, drink tampering is increasing now-a-days. Always keep a hand on your drink. Don’t get any drink, which is open; from someone you don’t know or you don’t believe. If you leave your drink unattended for a long time, don’t drink it, get a new one. Prepare your drink or watch it getting prepared, if you are consuming alcohol, know your limits and don’t drink too much at any time that will take away your control.
  8. Watch out for your friends’ back and also expect the vice versa, you can only get this from someone who is trust worthy. If a friend is acting abnormal or is out of control, don’t hesitate to go to a place where many people are present. Or if your female friend is out of control then, take her to a hospital or leave her in her house, never leave her alone, because if she become a victim of rape or is sexually assaulted, you will be the person to be blamed.
  9. There are lots of laws in India which are supporting women; you can hurt any person for your safety. Don’t feel afraid of the aftermath of the incident, it is much better than being raped or being sexually assaulted. When you are about to attack a man, attack him on his head or between the two legs (on the right spot), you are doing this for your safety, so no law can imprison you. You can proudly become an example among the society.




10. Always go around with someone, if you are going out, always walk around public places because strangers don’t attack in public places, or if you feel unsafe, do not run into a place you don’t know, this will make you very difficult to fight, run to a crowded place like railway station, police station, etc, and the alert the people around you about what was going on you.

These are some of the tips to keep in mind; our safety is in our hands.


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