The ‘kindness’ of men: chivalry

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Apart from inheriting various engineering techniques, and customizing them to fit our 21st century needs, we have inherited lots of ideologies from the days when kings ruled sitting on top of horses. The castles have been used to the fullest for making money by wooing tourists there; but the ideologies that the walls of the castles then beheld are still out in the open now, and unlike the other engineering techniques, these ideologies have been in the purest form. One such ideology is the ‘most thrown like the peel of banana’ word of chivalry! Chivalry actually came into existence ‘cause the kings, and the society as a whole needed to create a group of men that were a class apart when it came to fighting, and especially when it came to water the gardens of manners. The knights were asked to fight loyally, never break the oath of fealty, and most importantly, treat a woman with honour. A knight was supposed to protect and take care of the weak, and do whatever he can to protect a woman. Chivalry dictated a code of conduct for the knights then, and over the years, passing from one demented human to another, in the 21st century, the word chivalry is being used as a synonym for kindness. The other day I was at a bank, and owing to ample boredom that the place greets you with, my brain took charge of my senses to make me intentionally overhear a conversation that was taking place among a group of girls. The subject of the moment was the date that one of the participants of this round table conference had been on. Maybe this particular subject could very well be the awarded with the prestigious title of subject of the year, but ignoring the supernatural powers of nature, I was pretty confident of the fact that I wouldn’t be hearing anything about it after I had stepped outside that bank. The whole ‘going your own ways’ theory is something I firmly believe in. So, yeah, the female participant of the date was summoned, and the conference had begun. After the heroine of this whole situation had blurted out the initials details as to where and when the intimate meeting took place like the prologue, she knocked at the door of the real topic. She was aghast, and she made it pretty sure that her curious neighbouring listeners had the same feeling churned into them. The fuss was about the enormous and utterly grave deed the boy, whom she had been texting for quite some time, did. Well, they both went on a date, so in today’s world the texting is something very obvious. So, the boy hadn’t pulled the chair for her when they sat, and he never touched upon the idea of him paying for the whole meal. “Not that I didn’t have cash, but where are his manners?!” she concluded. And, the conference reached its conclusion that would become a landmark of an example/gossip topic, and then they all breathed the words of “Chivalry is really dead!” Since that day, at the back of my mind, I had come to know that there are some girls who don’t understand the true meaning of chivalry. My bubble of masculine pride was burst when my friend told how he would impress the girl he likes. He had planned on bowing to her when they meet, pulling the chair for her, giving her the utmost respect, drop her to her house, and not let her spend a penny; and to summarise everything he said,” To be precise, I’d be chivalrous!”

The art of misinterpreting is something that we have mastered successfully. It’s not the guys, but even many of the girls that have the wrong meaning of chivalry stuck up in their heads. Chivalry was an imaginary book of code of conduct given to the then knights ‘cause they had to prove to the others that they had earned all their privileges, but now, in today’s modern world where everyone who can afford it can fly by planes, we all can be the knights. Apparently, men are not always chivalrous, and chivalry means treating a woman with honour, so, going by this equation, men are nothing but beasts, who need to tame their Satanic, voluptuous desires by the leash of chivalry. So, if a man is chivalrous, only then he should treat a woman with honour?

Well, that’s bullocks. Pulling a chair for someone, and trying to pay for everything doesn’t remotely touch the topic of chivalry of the modern world. All this just adds up to the sexism that is already prevalent, and reiterates the fact that women need to be taken care of. There all sorts of misnomers whirling around chivalry. If you help a woman on the road, that’s chivalry; and helping a man? Well, why would a man help another man? He’d rather dream about helping this beautiful girl stuck up somewhere, and then, filling the voids of not having a doll in his childhood, he’d make her his doll. Kindness and chivalry are never the same. Sucking up to someone to get into their pants, well, that might be the modern chivalry! If you help a woman, its chivalry, but if you help a man, it’s kindness! Well, this is just absurd. Kindness is kindness, and chivalry is the artificial and superficial kindness to be precise. Rather than understanding the whole concept of chivalry, and giving it new forms, we should patronise equality. Showing the extra clichéd manners of the Industrial Revolution wouldn’t do any good when even today women are considered inferior to men, and are mistreated. The age of the knights has passed, and the idea of humanity has dawned upon a few. Help a girl as you’d help a guy. If not better, the female sex is as tough and worthy as ours; and they have been proving this to us for a long time now. Most men, barring a few, are not demons and patronisers of rape, and there is no need to adorn the clock of ‘modern chivalry’ to prove that they are relatively nice. Let the whole concept of chivalry be dead for good, and let’s start being humans rather than some knights; and start spreading humanity; ‘cause, ironically, its only humanity that can save the human race now!

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