Kunti- A Loving Mother

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If I think about the greatest mother in the epic of Mahabharath, I can think only of the queen Kunti, wife of the mighty and righteous king Pandu and mother of the legendary sons Pandavas. We all knew that the mother has the potential in bringing up her children either as a righteous one or the evil one.

Kunti was born to the Yadav family and sister of Vasudeva. But she has been adopted by the king of Kunti Bojan and thus named her as Kunti. She was brought up as the brave and value rich princess who worries and feels it is wrong even to kill a deer. Such was her heart and love towards every one. She served the great saint Dhuruvasagar who has the capability to even change the fate of the kingdoms. Such was his power. But princess Kunti made him feel proud of her by serving him with utmost care and respect. He was impressed and felt happy thereby blessed her with a boon that whichever god she thought in mind and said the prayer, she will be blessed with a beautiful child with their potential.

Kunti felt grateful by this blessing and felt happy. Due to her ignorance she thought of trying it once. So she prayed to the Sun god and as the saint has said, Sun god appeared in front of her and blessed that she will have a male child with his potentials. She was startled by hearing this and now came to the knowledge of her mistake. She is still unmarried and how come she can become a mother? But the lord said, the boon is a boon and it cannot be changed. Moreover Duruvasagar’s words will come true. You have to pay for your ignorance. But I will bless you that you will retain your virginity so that you can marry and live happily. After some months she gave birth to a beautiful male baby but was unhappy as she cannot have him. She and her friend planned to leave the child along the bangs of pure Ganges and god will take care of him. Seeing her worry Sun lord appeared and said that this child will be known as Karna and will be known for his charity and dharma. He will grow as a mighty warrior and as a brave man. Further he blessed his son with Kavas and Kundal so that nothing can harm him. No power can kill him. Kunti was relieved hearing this but felt too bad of leaving his son. After some years when princess Kunti was about to tell this to her father, he told her the news about the arrangements for her marriage.

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During the swaymvar, Hasthinapur king Pandu won her heart by answering her question in a reasonable way. Thus Kunti was happily married to the mighty and righteous King of Hasthinapur, Pandu. They were happily welcomed at Hasthinapur and Kunti became the Queen of Hasthinapur. But owing to the battle which was about to come in some far away land, the king of Hasthinapur has to go to the war and win. So Pandu was in a situation to leave his wife on the day of their wedding. But queen Kunti took this sportively and wished her husband victory saying duty stands first and that she is not worried. Pandu was too happy on her saying and left to the battle. After many months, king Pandu returned his mother land victoriously. But the sad thing is that he married another princess named Madri. Kunti was broken by heart and wept. But later she composed herself and accepted her as her sister but Madri considered as her competitor. Days passed and unfortunately king Pandu was cursed by a saint as he has misinterpreted him and his wife as deer and killed them. The curse is that he cannot have marital affairs with any girl which will lead to his death. So king Pandu left the kingdom and chose to live in forest for his mistake. Few years passed and as the Kuru dynasty is need of next generation to lead, Pandu became worrisome as it is not possible. That time Queen Kunti comforted him by telling about her boon and he was delighted to hear this.

Then with the blessings of lord Dharma, they were blessed with Yuthistar who is known for his dharma and has never ever lied in his life. Then they prayed to Vayudeva and blessed with Bheema who is known for his strength. Next they were blessed with Arjuna by the lord of lords who is Indran and he is the best warrior of Kuru dynasty and loved by all people.

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Seeing this Madri became jealous. So Kunti lent the last prayer to her and she was blessed with the twins Nakul and Sahadev by the Aswini brothers. Such was her sacrifice. But Kunti thought all of the five sons as her sons and brought them up with love and care. After some years, due to Pandu’s curse he met his death and as queen Madri too was the reason she sacrificed her life too. So being the only person, Kunti brought them up by teaching the values and dharma and they followed her words whatever be it. She always taught her sons to be united and share their happiness and sadness together. Their unity strengthened them and they showed unflinching love and care towards each other. All the four brothers abided by their eldest brother Yudhistar. Thus the whole world praised them for their righteousness where the credit goes to matha Kunti.

Kunti spent her whole life for her sons and guided them in the correct lane by which they were able to win any hurdles in their life.

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