Labeling it all

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We all love labeling people around us for different things and different reasons in them. According to things we find extremely funny or awkward in them but sometimes this labeling can go to an extent where it can hurt a person’s sentiments , something which might affect them for life.

Being a woman you cannot really escape this trend of being labeled. Whatever you do and in whatever way you behave you are just bound to be judged. People, our very own society has this tendency to elevate things, make big issues out of just really nothing. Spreading rumors and making others believe them being least bothered about the truth and the person ( girl/woman) against whom those rumors have been spread. Women face this labeling almost everyday of their life and they suffer its consequences too. Some choose to react against it with no change at all others prefer to ignore it for they think there is no point reacting.

She wears short clothes and they call her or think of her as someone who doesn’t have manners or better who is not traditional enough to be a part of this society. She is seen roaming out with her guy friends and she is a “slut” or a “whore”. People think that she is probably sleeping with all of them. She loves to drink and party in night -Oh! then she surely is not in her parent’s control and is a “characterless” woman. People even have problems if she studies more giving nonsense reasons that she doesn’t really need to. And why exactly are you to decide that for her ? Our society has say in nearly everything we do, especially in all matters related to girls. But why should we listen to what others have to say to us ? Don’t we have the authority or the right to take our own decisions ?

labeling it all

A girl deviates slightly from the expected behavior and she is judged and labeled. Judged to an extent where people actually start believing the false rumors. People still have that mentality that girls should not be given enough freedom only then can they be put under control and it is sad. This whole activity of labeling a girl or a woman is highly obscene because nobody has the right to question somebody’s chastity and purity. It is downright insulting and totally unacceptable. So,no when a girl wears short clothes it does not mean she doesn’t have manners or character , it means she is modern. When she is out, roaming about having fun with her guy friends it does not mean she is a slut or a whore and she is definitely not sleeping with all of them. It just simply means she is open and friendly. If she loves to drink and party in night it does not mean she is out of control, it means she just loves partying and having the time of her life.

The same thing a guy does and nobody questions his character or mannerisms but when it comes to girls things change, perceptions change, mindsets change and mind you for bad. People are just too stubborn to let go of those norms that restricts a girl’s very being. It causes a hindrance in her freedom. Why can’t girls enjoy the same amount of freedom as guys without being given a tag ? Why can’t a woman do whatever she wants to without being questioned and judged all the time.


Many a times people misinterpret a girl’s reaction or behavior towards something. If a girl simply just smiles at you it does not mean its welcoming , its just a polite gesture. Everything she does and people start taking out different meanings out of it, mostly interpreting it in the wrong way. Labeling a girl/woman can affect her badly, shake her confidence. People might not realize it but once spread labeling rumors can badly affect a girl’s image. But my question is do we really need to care about all this and let it affect us ? We are just not supposed to bother about all these slanders and should not let them affect us, hamper our freedom. We do not need to alter our ways to satisfy others anxiety . Are we doing something wrong? No, we are not. We are just trying to live a happy life, trying to live it the way we want to. Escaping this labeling is nearly impossible but it should not really matter to us for we know we are not wrong, neither are we doing anything to hurt someone’s sentiments.

Slut, whore, characterless, someone who is out of control, someone who lacks manners. These words cannot define our character, they cannot define who we are and who we are not. These words degrade us, insult us and only show how poor the mentality of our society is for they only label us with all these names.Bothered much girls ? Shouldn’t be for these labels don’t decide our being and will never do. The day you stop being bothered about these tags will be the day you will be free of them.

I hate being labeled, I wish people would just think of me as me for once instead of some stupid stereotype, I’ve had this whole life.- Unknown

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