The lady and the beast!

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We have all heard about the fairy tale of “The beauty and the beast”, and thought of it as something that can only happen in the imaginary world. However, there are many beasts disguised as humans on the Earth, who, from time to time, show their true colours.

There’s this crazy incident that took place in Mumbai, which will definitely make you look inside the Bollywood zone in your brain.
It was 1330 hours in the financial capital of India. A sultry weather with the everlasting traffic describes the city best. A model, in her usual routine, driving her car was going for her shoot. At one of the signals, there was an auto-driver, who was constantly staring back at this female who had her car behind him, halted by the power of the red light. This situation has become very normal in India. Everyone can relate to a situation like this ‘cause the auto-drivers’ community in our country is known to do retarded things on the road. However, what followed next was something not that common. When the signal turned green, he didn’t allow the lady to take a left turn as he was obstructing her way due to the fact that he hadn’t finished his quota of staring. We preach that staring is bad, and here this dude took it to a whole new level.
The lady tried to overtake him, and he felt that his manhood had been put to test, so he came charging at her, scratched her car with his side mirror, which apparently broke. It’d definitely be a “Woah!” moment in a movie, but the fact that this happened in broad daylight takes the situation in a closet of horror. The breaking of his side mirror made him really angry, and found a retarded-ly sensible reason to follow her; and, then he removed a ‘danda’, and tried to bang her car with it. This was just the action, the beast spite out few words saying,”  AAJ TOH TUJHE BAHOT MARUNGA !” He drove ahead of her, and blocked her way. The innocent lady tried to find her way out, but the man was determined to block her way. She tried and tried to escape, but in vain. He kept acting as a barrier for her car. He then approached her car from the right, took out his favourite bamboo stick, and hit her car. The lady, in fear, still coming to terms that all this was happening in reality took a U-turn. Determination was oozing out of the auto-driver for all the wrong reasons as even he kept on following her. He wanted to hit her, and the car too. He had got the whole “perseverance” related phrase in the wrong sense.
As the lady was alone in her car, it was impossible for her to get down and have a one-on-one fight with him. Thank you God for the physical inferiority! However, she did use her presence of mind, and took a video of clip of the auto-driver, maddened with foolishness damaging the car. Fortunately, he wasn’t able to harm the lady physically, but mentally he had definitely played a huge role in scaring her. This once incident could change her routine forever. It would definitely make her scared for rest of the month when she is driving alone on the road. The mental fear instilled inside her would take lots of time to be removed. This is just pathetic. In a society that boasts about the respect it gives to the women of its soil such incidents are just shameful.
Luckily, the lady involved here was brave enough to catch the culprit on camera, and narrate the whole incident to the sane people. Many of the women, would, for obvious reasons, get scared and keep everything inside them, which would kill them inside, slowly but fatally.
We should show our gratitude to the Lady Luck here that the lady was in her car, which protected her from physical wounds. However, think about all the girls, who are not protected by the metal of the four wheeler. This is one incident that has come to light, and it sends chills down our spine. However, when I talked about this horrifying incident to others, they said that this isn’t the first time this happened.
There have been incidents where even the car couldn’t protect the women. In Bangalore, in one of its ‘posh’ area, two girls were slapped, and molested by motorcyclists for the lame reason that he overtook them, and dared to give a comeback to one of their lewd comments. This didn’t stop here. When the girls’ mother reached the spot, she was kicked in the stomach by them.
It turns out that those were the sons of different Police Constables, who had full faith in their fathers’ pull that when one of the girls’ fathers got them into a police station by filling a FIR they were least scared. They threatened the whole family in presence of all the cops, who did nothing but preach silence brilliantly. Earlier, the police were reluctant to get the boys to the police station as the culprits were one of their, and here, as humans, we are bound by blood to misuse power, aren’t we not? It was only after the father had called up one of the high ranking officials that the police were forced to catch the culprits. Well, that day, the police had written an awesome essay on irony!

If they stay at home, they are threatened, and at times, even beaten; and when they dare to go out, they meet with the same fate! It’s high time we stepped up against such bullshit! This misuse of physical strength, and taking advantage of the gentle nature of the ladies should be stopped at once. The eve teasing at the bus stops has become a common scenario now!
The protector of the law, our beloved police should instill faith in us rather than acting as the brand ambassador of laziness. Such is a time when I sometimes fear for my mum’s safety when she goes out alone. This is what happens ‘Going to be developed country.’ So much for the sixty seven years of independence of the country, and the super power status when her own women feel unsafe on her major streets. WOW!

I salute this lady for her courage! If it wasn’t for her, we’d not be able to actually see the true face of reality.

PS: This is the link of the video taken by the lady. The disclaimer that I’d give is that it’s horrifying, but it’s high time we face the reality. If you see this man anywhere, make sure you give a call to the cops. Thank you.

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