To Laugh is to Sin

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A simple girl, from a not so big city, Ria was a student at Delhi University. Belonging to an average middle class family she was everything a well brought up girl should be, decent and humble. Delhi was her first taste of freedom and independence. She had come to the city with high ambitions never knowing the life beyond home, school and books. She was neither an extrovert who made friends quickly nor an extra ordinarily beautiful girl to catch the attention of her classmates.

The only way she knew to live life was to work hard and the idea of bunking classes was completely alien to her. However as months passed she did find friends, people who were just like her, hardworking and committed towards their goal.

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As time moved ahead, she saw people all around her enjoying their college days, going for late night parties and at the same time managing to get good enough grades. Soon she realized there was something missing in her life. It was then that she started realizing that there is more to life than books and ambitions. She figured out that enjoying life could go hand in hand with achieving our goals. But till then everybody in college had already termed her as a “too studious to be asked out”. Now she was confused, simple as she was and no matter how hard she tried she could not shake off that “too studious to be asked out” image of herself from the minds of the people. But perhaps it was too late,by now she was alienated and no one even asked her or considered the idea to include her into the party.

At the same time there was yet another student, Anjali, completely different from Ria. She belonged to a wealthy family and could not pass a street without catching the eyes of everyone in it. She was indeed a party freak. She made friends quite easily and could never find herself alone. However there was one thing in common between Ria and Anjali, they both were dedicated towards their goals. They both wanted to prove their worth.

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But the dilemma faced by Anjali was just the opposite. She was looked upon as a girl who was “too beautiful to be intelligent”. Whenever she managed to get good grades, girls would mock her by saying “Who did you copy from?” or “I think the teacher really likes you”. They could not accept the fact that Anjali was everything that they themselves wanted to be.She was frustrated because no one was ready to believe that she could achieve all this on her own.

Here we are not just talking about Ria or Anjali but this the story of how society perceives women as a whole. The idea that if you are good looking you cannot be intelligent and if you are intelligent you cannot be good looking flows deep into the minds of every individual.  Why does this society try to classify women in to two categories, intelligent and beautiful? Why is it necessary to be an alcoholic and insincere to show the world that you are as much of an exciting person as anyone else?

The idea of an “exciting” and “cool”  girl is someone who is suppose to be “not good” at academics. A good girl cannot go out with more than one guy else she would be considered as a slut. At the same time this idea is completely different for a guy. The guy who dates maximum number of girls is considered as the stud.

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Well you may say what others think about us is not our business? And what does it matter in the long run? And how it affects the life of women all across the globe?

Well that is really a good thing, not to care about what others think and say about you but sometimes you have to accept,

Oh Yes it does……!!!

Because it does not end here, it is this very idea that a studious girl will not party and a party freak won’t be studious, gives birth to the idea that women who work outside their homes will not handle their household duties properly or vice versa. As she will have various other things to do she will not be able to become a good wife, and on the other hand the one who stays at home will be a very efficient one.

It is a common belief that the society seems to have accepted about women. This belief makes a man ask a woman to quit her job after marriage or not let their wives get a job that consumes less time.

Today girls are asked not to opt for fields of study that may lead to a 14-hr job or a job that requires constant travelling. Why?

It would come in the way when they would look for a suitor…!!!


Ever heard a man choose his areas of interest considering whether her future wife would approve of it?

Then why are women expected to do that?

Does a man’s capacity to earn affect what kind of a husband or father he would be? Then why working women are seen as bad mothers and inefficient housewives?

to smile is to sin 5








A working women could not only support herself better but also improve the lifestyle the family leads. Because in the end the one with more money leads a better lifestyle. And moreover the mental level of both the people in a relationship must match for a sustainable future. A working woman can better understand the pressure and struggle her husband has to face in the office because she would be going through her own everyday.

People need to consider that the balance of life and work is a feasible reality and that when a woman works it not only for earning money but it’s her identity and personal satisfaction. It is the reason that the focus of this year’s Delhi Trade Fair was women entrepreneurs. Because whether the world accepts it or not women are moving ahead and those who choose to stick with the age old mentality will soon lag far behind the others.

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    good wrk sonal!! (Y)