Lessons from Disney

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We all have grown up watching cartoons from Disney channels. And sometimes we still get excited watching them. They have been a very important part of our childhood and have also taught us many important lessons as well. Their stories may be fictional but there lessons are very real. The stories of these Disney’s princesses and their problems and struggles represent the problems women have to face in the real world. They are princesses but they also had to face problems in their lives and it shows how they overcame them and had a happily ever after.

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The story of Cinderella or the glass slipper is a European folk tale which embodied a myth element of oppression. The word “Cinderella” has, by analogy, come to mean one whose attributes were unrecognized, or one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect. The story has many version but the most popular is the one in which Cinderella lives with her two step sister and step mother who treat her very badly and suppress all of her dreams. As the story progresses we see that she wants to go to the ball held by the prince but she does not have anything no clothes or means of travel. That is when her fairly god mother comes and does magic which would end at midnight. She goes to a ball with the help of her fairy god mother and there she falls in love with the prince, but has to rush back at twelve am leaving behind one of her slippers. The price finds her using this slipper and they marry and have a happily ever after. This also shows us the kind of hurdles people will put in our way. They might mistreat us and use us and also cage but we should never give up hope that things will be better.

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This is story about a girl who is locked up in a very high tower in the woods without a door or stairs. She was locked there by a witch and is not allowed to go out. One day a prince walks by and gets enchanted by her voice and comes by to listen to her everyday. He climbs up the tower using Rapunzel’s hair and they become friends and eventually he asked her to marry him. The witch finds this out and cuts her hair off and lets her loose to wander off. One night after that the prince comes and climbs up using the hair but finds himself facing the witch who pushes him down and the thorns below the tower. For months, he wanders through the forests of the country and eventually comes to the wilderness where Rapunzel now lives with the twins she has given birth to, a boy and a girl. One day, as she sings while fetching water, the prince hears her voice again, and they are reunited. When they fall into each other’s arms, her tears immediately restore his sight. He leads her and their children to his kingdom, where they live happily ever after. This depicts that if one really believes in something and has a strong desire for it there is absolutely nothing in the world that can stop one from achieving it. Also people might stoop down to low levels to fight us but it is up to us what we do. We could either stoop to their level or maintain out dignity and fight back fairly.

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Snow White

This is a story about a very beautiful princess and how she meets her prince charming, despite the obstacles put in her way. Snow white was the very beautiful and in fact the fairest in the entire land. The queen is not able to accept the fact that someone is fairer than her so she orders a huntsman to take snow white to the forest and kill her there. He takes snow white but sets her free and leaves her to fend for herself. There she finds a small cottage which is the home of seven dwarfs. She starts living with them and all of them are happy. The queen asks her enchanted mirror the same question and is horrified to hear that snow white is the fairest. So she plots another scheme to get rid of snow white. She disguises herself as a farmer’s wife and offers a poisoned apple to snow white. Some time later a prince walks by and sees her sleeping in the glass coffin and falls in love with her. While taking her back to his castle the coffin shifts a little and the poisoned apple comes out of snow white’s throat and she is cured. This shows us that we too face problems in our real life. There are something’s we might have that and others do not and they may resent us for having that. They may even scheme and plot against us and try their very best to put hurdles in our way but it is up to us what we make of such situations. We could either give up and let them win or we could be patient and perseverant and never give up.

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