Let us not itemize

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From creating mannequins of women to actually mannequin the women to mere statue with the manner they are treated and they are being dealt with. There are instances and circumstances that we come across where her plead is not heard, her request goes unvisited and her salu8tations go unnoticed. In the nuclear families of today there is no way the head of the family would listen to a woman’s advice or saying in the presence of a man. There is no way a girl can voice her opinion regarding the office work or in terms of work where as per the clichéd laws go, men are supposed to specialize or work on.

Do not judge them maybe on the basis of their biological structure. St the end of the day they have not been created and modeled in a manner where they could only provide satisfaction to her man or top feed the babies which might have been forcefully added to her lap due to the pleasure attack. It might or not be possible that she does not want to do certain things or might want to develop certain opinions. She does not want to be used as a sex machine or an item to please someone at the end of the day.

At the end of the day she wants to be the shadow of the dreams she dreams of, or the movies she watched or the ones she wanted to watch but were not allowed to watch at certain point of time. She desired to be the perception of the books she reads or the authors she wants to meet. She is an amalgamation of the places and the variants she wants to travel and the uniqueness of the unique things she wants to see or have. She is a plethora of things but not something you would want to ignore. She is a brilliant novice but how does this give you a reason to itemize her?         How does that ever define what you think of her or rather want to make of her? She is the alliteration of the society and is as driven by its forces as is by the glimpses of the cruel world. I do not see any justification in the making of her as items or a physical identity which is measured in terms of looks or price.

She has power in her words but does that mean that you ignore her because all she is supposed to do is to have power in the bed? Cheez nahi hai mast mast is what she wants to tell to the world and that is exactly what her heart is screaming out all the time and at all instances of the day. She wants to be loved by someone who adores her not for what she is not but for what she is. She is the creative for the assisting family and grows beyond it to be the fame and power of the same. A family in our country is idealize and looked at by the company it keeps which necessarily or unnecessarily means that she is the soul and part and the parcel of the family.

She is not one of the propagators of the theory of Kama Sutra which is basically and art of the utilization of the senses of hearing, sensing, smelling, touching and feeling to arouse ones lust for their mates. She instead is the sound of fresh air and the waves of the roaring ocean. She is the creation of the new ideology and the story of tomorrow. She is the sketch developed by an artist and is the diva in every manner. I’m sure this took a long while to get her in the position she is because it does take a lot of time to criminalize things and to make it that bad as they look at the present juncture.

All of the Sheila and the munni. More so the chameli and the bulbul as she is called by is the bad situation of today which not only itemizes her as a commodity which is only worthy to be stared at and looked at, only useful enough to be screamed at and eve teased at or to be maybe raped or harassed. She is the one who is supposed to support the family if the husband turns out to be the drunkard or comes late at night after losing the entire amount he had in the stupid game of cards. She is the one who is often burned in the kitchen b her mother in law for not waking up in the morning on time or not being able top cook the meal on time or even worse not being able to produce a kid in time. Or wait even worse to not give birth to a baby boy in the gap to perform the legacy.
There are instances which drive her mad and until and unless the same instances drive the society mad there is no better thins world is going to see. Let us all stop the itemization.

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