Let’s Talk about Sex!

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Why do you look surprised? Come on! Its sex we are going to talk about! S.E.X? Sexual intercourse? Okay, now you do not have to check whether your Mom or Dad is around. Maybe you can make them read this article as well! You think that is a bad idea? And why is that? Oh okay, we do not really discuss such topics with parents. It is more of a topic which friends discuss. Right. Such discussions with parents can be awkward. So, let’s just ignore that idea. You know what I think? This mentality of yours is impractical and ridiculous!

Sex as a topic should be discussed including every single detail in schools and colleges.

Sex as a topic should be discussed including every single detail in schools and colleges.

Avoiding talking regarding sexual intimacy and intercourse with parents or elders is not a very wise decision to make. There are many important details which can be better understood while conversing with someone older than oneself. Since your friends are almost the same age as you are, the perceptions of either of you will not vary much with the other. It is when you talk with an adult you receive a much more mature perspective regarding such sensitive topics. If you realize that you have parents who are too conservative to talk about sex then you always have the option to talk to your teachers or elder siblings. But one should have a complete detail about sex, what leads to it and what effects it has afterwards.

Sexual indulgences are completely normal between a male and a female. It is true that our society is not that modern yet as to understand the normality of it, but that will not anyhow refrain today’s youth from involving themselves into it, after a certain age. Couples having sex before marriage are looked with an eye of shame. Why? Because it is against our “culture”, that is what they say. No matter how much we try to go against this thought, we somehow agree deep within that if anything goes wrong, if anything happens without planning (I’m am hinting at pregnancy), then a married couple will not have to give the same justification as the unmarried couple will have to give, which becomes quite an embarrassment for both the individuals and their families. This is the truth and we have to accept it.

In order to avoid untimely pregnancy, one should have a clear picture regarding the pros and cons of sex

In order to avoid untimely pregnancy, one should have a clear picture regarding the pros and cons of sex.

So, in order to avoid such situations, we need to take precautions. Condoms do not provide 100% protection. This is very important for us to know. Condoms can cross its expiry date without us keeping a check; it can tear while intercourse or it can be defective. Contraceptive pills are meant to be taken just in case something went wrong; in case of a mistake. Mistakes can be made once, twice, but not at a regular basis. They have negative effects on the female reproductive system, often making it difficult to conceive with a child in future. So advisably, contraceptives should be avoided. In addition to these, a major theory which you need to understand is a female’s menstruation or period system.

The length of the menstrual cycle varies greatly in women, ranging from 21 to 35 days, with 28 days designated as the average length. The day the period starts is considered to be day 1. Absolute safe days to have sex are from day 1 – day7, after which starts the ovulation period which is pretty much unsafe because the sperms shed inside the vagina are active for 4 days, which increases risks of getting pregnant if you involve into sex during that time. Day 14 is considered to be the ovulation day. Then again day 21 – day 27 is considered to be completely safe. Simply avoid having sex during fertile days. If you still wish to do so, use a condom. If not even a condom, then do not “cum” or ejaculate inside her vagina. If not 100% protection, keeping all these in mind will definitely reduce the chances of any avoidable risks.

Use a condom. Stay protected. Stay safe.

Use a condom. Stay protected. Stay safe.

I believe that one should be matured enough to handle sex. That is why it is said that there is an age for everything. Understanding the pros and cons of sexual intercourse is not what early teenagers will understand. And due to this lack of maturity and knowledge, they indulge themselves into coetus, as a result of which there are chances that something might just go wrong. There are a lot other factors one should understand regarding sex. Sex is the purest form of expression for love. It can be best enjoyed only if both the partners are in love, care for each other and are gentle. If this not be the case then sex will not seem as pleasurable as one had expected it to be. There are cases where it can be “hard” or painful, causing internal damage and bleeding. That is not the kind of experience one would want to have. In order to avoid such circumstances, sex education is really important to receive even before an individual turns into a teenager. It is always advisable for parents to maintain a free and comfortable relationship with their children so that they do not feel any kind of embarrassment regarding discussing about important topics. Be aware. Be safe.

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