Life of a Woman Before her marriage

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Women go through a lot of phases in their life. Unlike men, they have lots of responsibilities on their shoulders. Right from the time they hit their adolescence, they become a victim to certain conditions from their parents. Parents tend to do this because they don’t want their daughter to become victim to the always-hearing RAPE. Unlike men, women will have mixed feeling and they won’t be able to do everything as she please. She will have to restrict herself from certain things because of the condition of our world. Our Earth is moving into a situation where, women do not have the freedom to move around freely in the dark times. Traditionally, women were frightened of the negative powers, but no-a-days, she is afraid of some living demons in the form of man. Inspite of these conditions and restrictions, women all over the world enjoy their life a lot. A report has shown that, women all over the world enjoy their life 30% more than their married life. Which means, women tend to enjoy their life more before their marriage? Well, the answer is yes, because after their marriage, they are in the clutches of their husband and his family. And, if she becomes a mother, then enjoyment becomes just a word in the dictionary.


The life of a woman changes a lot after a marriage. Many women tend to marry very late in their life or some don’t even marry. They say that the best part is when they are single. To be frank, that is the truth, they need not worry about anything or anyone. She can live as she desires. Starting from her birth, when a girl is born, the love that she gets from her parents is invaluable. She is given the best clothes, best school, best environment to live in, best food and so on. She will love that a lot. She will not have a feeling of missing something in her life and when she moves on with such an easy life, she will relish her teens to the core. She would be sent to school as soon as she is 4 years and from that time, she is with other 50 children. Within a year, she would feel her friends to be more comfortable than her parents. She would feel her class like her home and would love all the crazy stuffs that she does along with her classmates. When she grows up a little, say she has reached the age of 10, she will be within the circle drawn by her parents. She would start to feel the limitations of her parents and her family. Later, when she attains her adolescence, she will be under her parent’s limitations and will not feel the freedom that a boy possesses.


When she grows a little more, the tight knot will be loosened a little and she will start breathing air more freely. She will expose herself to the world more boldly. Usually in the teens, the important thing a girl’s mind searches is cosmetics or any other thing that can make her look beautiful. Her dressing sense will change, her attitude will change and she will become much bolder. This change in the child will make the parents make such restrictions. But in recent times, girls are allowed to move around freely and have pleasure with her friends. She is allowed to enjoy the same freedom that a boy does, like, going to movies, gathering for dinner, roam around with friends, go on for a tour, higher studies and so on. When she completes her high school, her next thought will be to get into a good institution or a University for her degree. The best part is that, she will have a great change over in her personality but the worst part is that 80% of the girls will start opposing their parents thoughts. She will not do it with purpose, but her environment and her age will make her do so. The most similar conversation would be “HER PARENTS ALLOWS HER TO DO SO, WHY CAN’T YOU ALLOW ME TOO?” As said before, she will expose herself to the world and when she does so, she will see a lot of personalities. She may get attracted to certain characters, which she may wish to follow or take over. The 18, 19, 20 and 21 is the best part of her life. She would become victim to all kinds of feelings like love, hatred, believing, sardonic, annoyed, guilty, sadness, gorgeousness, eagerness and so on. This is when she understands what the real world is. She would be like, flying in the air, living in her dream land. She would fully relish this particular time. The memories piled up in this particular period are very valuable.

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This four years would have gone so fast before she could realize it was over. She would have received her degree and would have been recruited in some firm. She would find new friends, new roommates and a totally new surrounding. This is when she will start missing her parents and this is when she would want all the mind blowing memories of her college days. Some girls adapt to the new environment fast while some girls do not. She will not be able to digest the fact that, she should stay away from her parents and her besties. These types of girls are a flop in their life while the girls who can adapt to all situations, come up a long way in their lives. They will have the courage to face the world. After adapting to the new work and the environment, she would feel comfortable. She will have the same routine everyday, that is, get up early in the morning, prepare breakfast and leave to work. Have lunch in the afternoon and when the clock ticks five, she would rush back to home. Then take a rest for some time and then get into the kitchen for dinner. Sleep by 10 or 11 and again wake up by 6 in the morning. On the weekend, she may leave to her native or go for shopping. Within things could settle she would have reached her 24’s or 25’s.

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Some women fall in love while some do not. One in three women gets raped or harassed or abused. She has to come through all these phases and live her life forward. By 26 or 27 she would be married and sent to a new place. After marriage, she will only have the best memories of her college time to cherish about. Women are wonderful creation which has taken place along with other living organisms. Among human beings, women are given the second status and are treated badly. They come through a lot of hurdles in her life. Be kind to women and help them attain the glory rather than a cursed life.

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