“Like Attracts Like” – The Power to Achieve Everything.

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Our dreams, aspirations and needs have many obstacles to undergo. There are doubts and negative thoughts surrounding us most of the times. Every time we aspire to achieve something, we always ask ourselves, can we achieve it? That’s doubt! Doubting our own capabilities. There are many things which we want in life – money, fame, popularity, materials, peace, love, and etc. There are times we feel bad when we do not achieve them. We feel that it is not meant for us or we are not destined to have it. Wrong. Mankind is destined to have anything and everything that he wants. You just need to want it right. There is always a good way to ask for what we want. You do not go to your parents and say, “I want this, but I know you will not get me this.” No, you simply do not. You pester them again and again; drive them crazy till they are bound to give that to you. Yes, that is what we all do. We prove ourselves worthy.

If we can do this when it comes to our parents, why cannot we do it with the universe? Yes, exactly. The universe! The universe plays an important role in giving us what we want desperately, with a positive mentality. You may think how that is even possible. Well, that is when you need to know about the Law of Attraction. The entire world functions by this law. If we see, everything happening around us is due to attraction. We go to school because our parents are attracted by the idea of getting us educated, we master a particular field because we are attracted by it, we take up habits because we are attracted by it, we work because of the attraction towards money, we fall in love because we are attracted towards a person; everything is attraction! This law is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive and negative thoughts, one can bring about positive and negative results. But one thing you should keep in mind. In case of the Law of Attraction, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. It entirely depends on what a person wants. And there are a lot of rules that govern the time from when you start wanting till the time you receive it. I do not know how much you are going to believe in this Law of Attraction after you have read it. But what I would want to let you know is that this thing actually works if you can implement it right, and this I am saying from my own personal experience.

 Let us start by assuming something we would want. For example, I want to get a first class score in my examination this year. Now read what I said again, properly. I said, I WANT TO get a first class score this year in my exams. I did not say “I would want”, “I need to” or “I have to”. The only thing I said is “I want to”. Again, I did not say “if I do not get”, “I will try” or “I do not think I will”. Words such as “don’t”, “no” can’t”, “if” and similar such terms which invite a sense of doubt are out of the question. When you say “I do not want” we are transmitting into the universe negative vibes which further invite negativity. The more you try to escape from it, the more you face it. This is how it actually worse. That’s how you see patients suffering from severe illnesses recovering. It is no miracle. It is just that they wanted it so bad. They did not say “I do not want to die”. All they said was “I want to live”. There is always a difference between the things you want and how you say you want it. Learn to distinguish that. Another example, if you do not feel like going to college, do not say “I do not want to go to college”. Instead say, “I will stay at home and do something productive”. Want what you want every day, with the same passion. Write it down in a piece of paper. Live the moment in your mind when you receive it and feel the joy. Be grateful for what you already have and the universe WILL answer you back. Everybody would get everything that they want. The universe has plenty for us. The difference in people who are successful and who are not is just how they wanted it and asked for it.

I’ll tell you my experience. One day I went out with this friend of mine who is almost as the same age as I am. He is a reported and works for a particular newspaper. He was telling me about his professional life, how he earns well and enjoys his work. While listening to him I had this realization that whatever he has achieved are the same things that I ever wanted to achieve. I thought, if he can get it, why cannot I? But I did not know how to work things out. I was just in freshman year and I had no work experience. All I knew is that I wanted it. In a few days I was just randomly checking internships available on the internet. I found some and I humbly applied without knowing what would happen next. Few days I got no response, but I still wanted it. After a week, I got around 4 internships back to back! And all were giving me the position that I would enjoy working in. So, I believe in the power of the universe. Do you?

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