Like a Girl

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“Hey John…stop running like a girl and come over here”

“Hey, don’t look at the mirror like you are girl “

“Stop crying like a girl….!”

These are things not uncommon to our day to day speech. When I hear them being said, by people have been born and brought up in a society such as ours, I wonder where did they get the idea from? May be because they pride themselves in being a male, but why is that suppose to include demeaning their female counterparts?

Run like a girl?

What is that suppose to mean?

As far as I remember these verbs were never subject to gender were they? Not in English language at least…!!!

And to be honest, I hardly have any idea about other languages.

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Run would still be spelled RUN, even if it is a girl we are talking about isn’t it? Sit would also remain the same, when we say ‘please sit down’, we never specify whether we want the person to sit like a girl or a guy, we just sit like ourselves. And  I guess everybody does that in the same way.

It is beyond my wits to understand that. Though there is one thing that I might associate with women is sophistication. From a time long ago girls had the best manners. They were taught to walk, eat, sit and even laugh in a manner that symbolizes nothing but sophistication. They were never meant to be messy. A girl’s room ideally is the neatest room in the house, everything in its place, well-organized. And one thing we would all agree to is we never find our mothers asking us if we have seen her stuff around. So logically the phrase “like a girl” must be a good thing? I think I have given sufficient reasoning for drawing out the conclusion.

Yet I still wonder when & how, along the course of history, did “like a girl” became more of a satire, rather than a compliment?

And the bigger question is why?

Well I do agree that women and men have their own styles of doing things, yet we never say “like a boy” as an intended pun. It is yet another way to discourage girls from being who they are. When a young girl begins to realize that “like a girl” is some kind of mockery, she will never again be confident enough to be like herself.

We all know our society has many hurdles on its way to women empowerment. Things such as the use of “like a girl” in the wrong sense, may not be as grave as the issue of rape or sexual harassment of women inside and outside their houses, but it surely gives birth to those bigger issues. Because it exposes how women are perceived in our society.

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We all have a time in life when we are vulnerable, when we need support and proper care, guidance to figure out who we really want to be. When an innocent young girl in her adolescence is trying to cope up with the new changes in her body and her surroundings, she is discouraged by such mockery thrown at her. At a critical time when she is stepping into a new phase of her life, a time when she realizes that what it is like, to be a girl such things make her feel as if being a girl is not something very great. Therefore we do find many girl wishing they had been a born a boy.

At a time when they need to embrace womanhood, a time when they must feel proud about being a woman they feel rather bad about it.

What, however, our little girls need is a little more attention and someone to tell them that “like a girl” is good thing, no matter what the world says. Unless we stand by their side in those tough times, in those years of growing up, she can never grow up to be the confident women we want our country to have.

This whole idea of women empowerment relies on the fact how women feel about themselves. What we have achieved till today is a result of years of struggle by women who know they are no less than anybody else.

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So girls what you have to do is just “walk like a girl”, “talk like a girl”, “run like a girl”, ”sit like a girl”, and just “be like a girl” because that who you really are, a girl. It’s you, and nobody else who can take that place. You are a girl and you should be proud about it. You have to prove that like a girl is a good thing and something no one else can do. Only a girl can be “like a girl”.

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