Live in Relationship overcoming Marriage

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” Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is

unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath

our notice or more than human .Society

is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self- sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god”

Said by Aristotle


This quote clearly proves a man cannot live a life alone.  He or she always needs a company to fulfill his or her social, mental or physical needs.


On 24Apr2014, the Supreme Court declared Children born of live-in

Relationships are legitimate.


The Supreme Court has said that if

A man and woman “lived like

Husband and wife” for a long

Period and had children, the

Judiciary would presume that the

Two were married.


This seems extremely good news for all the couples who are in living relationship.  Firstly defining  ‘ live in relationship’ which is also known as  ‘cohabitation’ which mean a couple living together and sharing physical and emotional Times without marriage, moreover it can be said two person living together for a long time or permanently with mutual consent.



It is getting popular day by day. It is mostly observed in metro cities.  A survey proves that more than two third of the couples in US have lived a living relationship before getting married.


This generation is growing really fast.  It even does not want to wait for the right time for doing anything and live in relationship is a solution for their most of the problems.  The western culture is molding us in its way however it’s not wrong, if two people are willing to test their compatibility before getting married then there is no harm. In fact this may prove to do wonders because you know your partner and get a perfect understanding with them so there are less chances of divorce.


Globalization has made many changes around us, yet it could not change the sick mentality of our society which will no matter always criticize the one who dares to do something against it choice.

Well this time society may not overcome law because now law has made live in relationship a legal thing.  Our law has allowed our couples to live together in same house without getting married.


Well it is found that mostly the youth is in favor of live in relationship and they find it very normal, according to them live in relationship is neither a crime, nor a sin so they find no reason to worry about. Religious reasons are the most common factors that oppose live in relationships. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all oppose this relationship. These religious groups agree living together before marriage is a violation of their moral beliefs on the sanctity of a sexual relationship between a man and a woman outside of marriage. However, the reasons may be diverse but our youth has a different view for it.


The modern youth believes that a live in relationship has much of freedom than a marriage. They remain free from any obligation and live the life their way. This kind of relationships also offers space and personal freedom to both the partners. The couple may share responsibilities and this way it is more apt for today’s fast paced life.


Live in relationship also has very less stress towards responsibility as compared to marriage. Married people have to manage all the responsibility of family including children, relatives; kith and kin where as couples in a live in relationships have only their own responsibility which is comfortable for both partners. In such a condition a couple enjoys a good time together and has a healthy bonding comparatively.



It gives freedom to breakup, one can live for a long time together and when dissatisfied they may change their partner; if they are mutually ready they can go for a break up easily. Marriage is an agreement and hence it is not easy to dissolve. One has to face many problems before and after getting divorce, where as live in relationship is much easier as there are no legal proceedings; one can very easily break up and start a new relationship. Couple most of the times prefer live in relationships because of the knowledge that they frequently move on to another relationship , can change partners quickly and since most of the youth these days are not willing to commit themselves, so live in relationships are their preferred option.


The best part about live in relationship are, they provide an immense help to people who can’t afford a single life. Due to the constant growth in price rise , it make difficult for someone to live alone and spend alone, Live in relationship gives a strong financial support to both the partners’ involved. A couple has faith in each other and is sure to spend money wisely and creating a good saving for future also.


Live in relationships are perfect for examining your partner’s compatibility. One can know about their partner’s views on religion, sex, money, politics and a lot more. Many live in couples also come to know about each other’s interest and common views before getting married., which is helpful for making a strong relationship.

Debating over it may not be solution but rather we must believe the fact that our youth might be too fast but not dumb and live in relationship gives a better understanding to a couple before getting married.


Raneeta Pal


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