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Hey ladies its summertime! Time to get out of those jackets and sweaters and greet the sun. Time to wear the sun dresses and those frilly skirts. And at the same time, now its time to lose that little winter weight. Its time to flaunt your curves. Lose that extra flab and become fab and welcome the sun again. Here are some easy tips which will help you get rid of that little extra weight and be awesome again.


Water should be your best friend. Most of us generally prefer to drink sodas or milkshakes to beat that heat, but rather this time try focusing more on the cold water in your fridge rather than going for soft drinks or sodas. This will not only help you lose weight but also keep you hydrated during this summer.

Its generally so hot outside that none of want to go out into the sun even for one teeny tiny second. So this leads to us spending more time at our homes. And more than often our tv time increases. We tend to watch more tv. Most of us have this habit of snacking while we watch a movie or a our favorite tv series. So we should try and spend one hour per day less in front of the tv. This will not only reduce your snacking but also give you time to do something more productive.

Hey its breakfast time. In a hurry to get to work or to go out somewhere in the morning, we often tend to skip the breakfast and think we’ll have a heavier lunch. This is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to lose weight. Always have a heavy breakfast in the morning, this will reduce your snacking during the day and also keep your sugar levels steady.

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Bulk up your meals. Don’t you want to eat more of that pasta or maybe a little more of the awesome curry. There is a way out through which not only you get to eat more but not gain weight at the same time. Next time you are preparing a meal, add more of those vegetables you see lying around. This will not only increase the quantity of your favorite food but also increase your roughage intake.

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Most of us think that drinking fruit juice is the same as eating the fruits. This is a completely wrong notion. You should prefer eating fruits than drinking juices even if they are freshly squeezed juices. This is because when you drink juices, the roughage of the fruit which is one of the most important things goes away. And the amount of energy required to digest the roughage balances out the sugar in the fruits. But if drink juices you are drinking just sugars.

Never go off food. Many people seem to think that not eating straight for one week will help them lose weight. This is so very wrong. If you stop eating all together, your body goes into starvation mode and does not spend those calories. It tries to save them for future use. Rather than doing this we should make better food choices and try and tone down the junk.


Start your day a little differently. Normally the first thing that you have in the morning is your regular coffee of tea right. Try and make a little change here. Rather than your regular stuff try and start drinking one or two glasses of hot water with honey the first thing in the morning. Add a spoon of lime juice or honey to your hot water and drink it the first thing every morning as soon as you get up and see the difference.

Next time you out for a pizza or to a hotel for a nice dinner or for a movie rather than ordering the large size of the popcorn and soda or the large french fries with your burger, try and order the small portions. These snacks are overloaded with calories and make all your efforts go down the drain. So by ordering the smallest portions, you might reduce your intake of these calories and maintain your weight.


This might sound very boring. But if you taking so much efforts to lose weight you should also try and incorporate some sort of exercise or physical activity in your routine. This need not be the boring cardio which you hate. You can make exercising fun too. Rather than hitting the gym try and do something you like. Start playing your favorite sports like badminton or swimming and try to get some of your friends involved in it too. This way you will be motivated to work out everyday.

And last but not the least measure your weight every week. This will give you motivation to see that scale go down and you will continue doing all of this and if it does not work you might start realizing that and change something in your schedule rather than blindly following something without even checking out the results and lose that weight.

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