How to Love Yourself

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Often we are in the clutches of insecurity. Owing to life’s many ups and downs, one can lose belief in oneself. Losing faith in one’s abilities is not uncommon. Inferiority stems out of failures and not succeeding in achieving one’s desired goals. It must be kept in mind that one should not get harsh with oneself. Punishing yourself for mistakes is not the correct way to see things. The solution lies in taking failure at one’s stride and rising above the situation.
1. Approving of one’s capabilities.
Being uncomfortable with oneself is a sign of suffering from inferiority complex. Attitudes like “I am no good”, “I am a failure” saps energy from our minds and the love for life from our hearts. Hating oneself is the not the answer to problems. Gaining the desired love for oneself is essential to be a wholesome individual. It enables us to find out what we really want and to make an effort to work to achieve it. Inferiority is an obstacle to one’s personal growth. Putting up limitations and barriers to success is a way to self-destruction. It is nothing short of causing destruction to the self. Being focused on the sole opinions of others needs a change in perspective.
2. It is all in the mind.
This reminds me of a famous quote of Sylvia Plath. “Is there no way out of the mind?”
More often than not, people create limits for themselves in their minds. Some think that they do not deserve the love and approval of others. They tend to be over-critical and self-conscious about themselves, where as in reality they are perfectly suitable for love and concern. These lead to negative impacts and negative reactions. These self-inflicted criticisms are given shape in the mind and lead to harmful blockades to a successful lifestyle.
3. Cut yourself some slack and have a good time.
Having a good time rejuvenates and lightens our mood. Having the capability to laugh at oneself is a way of acknowledging that humans err. Not being too stringent with oneself is a way of being happy about the individuals that we are. Avoiding negative feelings and instead enjoying a relaxed time is a great way to be positive.

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4. Implementing the art of anger management.
Anger does more harm to the person nurturing it than to the person towards whom it is directed. It is insignificant when compared to the peace one feels after forgiving another. Instead of being vengeful, it is a better option to resolve issues over a discussion.
5. Being different calls for being bold.
Often people indulge in self-exploration by experimenting and taking up different modes to achieve a particular goal. This could lead to criticisms both good and bad. Being resolute in one’s approach is what counts. One needs to be indifferent to negative reactions and not be discouraged by the disapproving voices. Censure is integral to improvement.
6. Being steadily focused on the aspirations and dreams is crucial.
What occupies the mind is what the energy is vested in. being preoccupied by the negative remarks can bring us down. To rise above such comments is important to realizing what is truly important. One may either choose to ponder over one’s troubles or set about to get rid of the sorrow and suffering. Being positive helps to gather knowledge from a situation instead of letting it act as a roadblock.
7. Being focused on the positive side.
When suffering brings us down, it helps to keep in mind that many others confront a much more dire circumstance. Many do not get a full square meal a day. Hence, being grateful for the little blessings however small they be puts things in perspective. There is always a positive side. One has to let go of the harmful grudges. Putting a smile on someone else’s face is a sure way to make you feel better. Valuing people over money and the material aspects of life is an effective way to reconnect us with our inner self.
8. Positivity is contagious.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
There is no time for regret. One should do what one deeply craves. The heart should be followed. Regret is a harmful feeling that needs to be evaded as much as possible. Having a positive outlook towards oneself and loving the imperfectness of oneself is the key to a happy life. I know a lot of people who were victims to inferiority and led unsatisfying lives. a word of encouragement, a pat in the back, a strong gesture of love and a small act of concern no matter how insignificantly small it may seem can do wonders to a bruised heart. Everyone has immense potential. See it in yourself and help others to see it too. The world will a better place if people learn to see the best on themselves as well on others.
love yourself


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