Love and a Fulfilling Career

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Today’s world is something else!

As a woman, you face all sorts of things from dodgy heels to dodgy jobs, and I’m sure at times you feel like going crazy! Contrary to popular female belief, men also lose their heads – we do all the time!

But you need to stay safe and keep to your path. You’ve got a career you want to pursue, or a talent you want to hone; or even a child to call your own. Yet everything bad keeps happening to you – from being dumped to dropping your doughnut on your dress just as you walk in your office’s front doors. Its disgusting!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how not to get splashed on when its raining. Some things are always going to happen and there’s very little you can do to stop them. But for other things, you can establish a minimum level of control. And fortunately, they’re probably the things that bother you the most.

Let’s start with the one that always gets you seething in a mass of tears and blotched make-up even though you didn’t really “care” about him – us. Not to betray my gender (because we’re awesome), but I think it is only fair to acknowledge that we do cause women a lot of distress. Purposefully or not, that depends on man to man and relationship to relationship. You’ve got no way of knowing if the next guy you bump into (one thing I will admit though, is that those aren’t always chance meetings) is an angel or a prick. Don’t be down though, there are still some steps you can take to avoid being so hurt!

First of all, you need to be mentally and emotionally open to any circumstance. With amazing divorce rates in many parts of the world (up to FIFTY percent in some places), it is quite normal for you to backtrack on your declarations of love; people change. None of us want to have that hassle and we all hope to find the perfect partner, but that isn’t always going to happen. So when you’re a relationship, girls, be aware that maybe this is just a ten-minute fling. Maybe it’s a one-year love affair. It might even be the guy you marry.

What you can’t do is put unnecessary pressure on your relationship by expecting your guy to be the latter, or by brushing him off as a fling before you even try! I mean, that won’t stop a cheating guy from cheating, or a liar from lying, but it will help you eliminate ate least one feeling when you find out – the one of being duped. If you go into a relationship accepting that it might not turn out the way you wanted, you’ve already made sure that you’re on top of things.

The other contentious issue is your career.

For many women, dreams start out as the be-all end-all of your life. If you achieve nothing, you might as well die. Unfortunately, I’ve seen life take many dreamers and make them drones. They dress up pretty and work their jobs from 9 to 5 and claim that life is all about struggle. They become bitter, harsh and beaten and they don’t even know it. They lose all spark and joy in life and they don’t know it.

Its a sad situation all too recurring in the stories of women. How will they resolve this situation? They can start by saying “No”. You need to pay your rent, right? Well make sure its not at the cost of your soul, because all your struggle might end up in vain. Do you need to feed your child? Well make sure its not at the cost of your heart, because all your struggle might end up in vain.

Sadly, its true. Women often go through the very worst in the name of good; and it leaves its mark on them. A sad smile and a laden sigh are not as rare as they once were. Women are very often trapped by feelings of duty to their mothers, their sisters and brothers and their unborn child. These feelings can lead them to make cold, calculated choices that lack emotion. Those are the very worst.

For a woman is something brimming with emotions that don’t want to be held back, so why should you do exactly that? If the little girl in you tells you to give up everything and be a painter, well give up half the things and be a painter! If the little girl in you tells you to become a model, then call in sick and go and try out!

The world is at your hands if you let your instincts guide you – of course, you need to temper them with some realistic judgement.

These are just some of the things that us men see when we watch a woman battle with her life, and we want to help but by the time she’s reached this stage, many a woman has fits of rage. Its hard to talk to a girl who’s calling you a liar and a beast, and tough to tell her you can help her.

I just hope that by reading this I’ve brought some clarity to your life and a perspective you haven’t had before.




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